View Full Version : Can't sleep + can't wake + mild ADHD = benefit for Intuiv?

04-22-13, 08:19 AM
As a child, my ADHD was pretty bad. As an adult, I'm still hyperactive and impulsive and poor at self-regulating, and terrible at procrastinating, but my biggest problem is actually sleep. Even when I'm very tired, my brain either can't or doesn't want to shut off. Quite literally I will fight sleep even though I'm really tired and want to sleep. Then in the mornings its an epic battle with my alarm to get out of bed, battles with the snooze button easily lasting over an hour. I'm just a zombie before then (though a ninja with deactivating alarms no matter where they are in my room).

Generally, sleeping pills don't make me sleepy, just tired (if that makes sense). My brain keeps ticking on. At the moment I've been given a trial of Valdoxan, the melatonin-agonist antidepressant. It feels to me very similar to melaton - I'm sleepier earlier but don't necessarily fall asleep any better, and I'm even more tired in the morning. I've considered Eszopaclone, but am kinda scared of benzos or Ambien. I'd also like to resist going on stimulants if I can, because I dislike what they do to my moods (make me grumpy and flat, at least adderall/vyvanse does), my symptoms aren't too bad, and my main problem is insomnia after all.

My current idea is to try a low dose of Intuiv. My hope is that it will make me sleepy and let my brain turn off, and maybe even provide some benefit to my residual self-regulation issues. However, I've heard mixed reviews to the efficacy of guanfacine for ADHD symptoms, and I've also heard the sedative effects can last all day. I really don't need to make it even harder to wake up in the morning, I just want my brain to shut up at night and wake up promptly in the morning.

So I'm happy to field any experience or thoughts people have, or even suggestions on alternate treatment ideas. And of course I'm keen to non-medicinal interventions, but there's a good probability I've either tried or considered and rejected in the past for one reason or another. Still, don't let that stop you speaking.

04-22-13, 10:47 AM
I really urge you to have a sleep study done. You would be surprised what kinds of things can affect sleep

04-23-13, 07:35 AM
I really urge you to have a sleep study done. You would be surprised what kinds of things can affect sleep
A friend went through that. I already know I don't have sleep apnea and that my melatonin release times are wonky. What else do they test for?