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04-24-13, 12:35 PM
We did the behavior intervention plan on Monday. It was very similar to what we were already doing except it gives him a little something for trying.

If he trying, even just walks down the hall and doesn't get to class, he gets TV in the evening. If he goes to class and stays, he gets iTouch/Minecraft for that day. Before it was going to class at all gets everything or he got nothing. So it gives him a little "carrot".

He's earned TV the last two days but that's it. He will try walking down the hallway and then stop dead in his tracks.

He still can't identify the triggers. Behavior Specialist worked with him yesterday on this and wanted him to walk around the school to ID where he felt anxious. DS became anxious at the suggestion and refused to walk around with him (and he is comfy with this guy so it wasn't that he doesn't know him). Today, he really wanted to try, got in the hall with me and saw two teachers talking way down the hall and wouldn't go any further. I doesn't like people looking at him.

So I guess, a tiny bit of progress. Still working to ID triggers. Tomorrow is a short day so maybe.......

04-24-13, 04:55 PM
Tiny progress is way better than no progress. Am glad to hear. Hang in there, and best of luck to you both.

04-25-13, 10:36 AM
Yesterday was his birthday, he's 11 now!! So we dropped the restrictions for the day. He was such a happy guy and played on electronics the whole evening. He also got an electric scooter that isn't tied to any school performance. I feel he needs an outlet for his energy since he doesn't get to do anything so he can ride it anytime after school hours when any required homework/missed work is finished.

He was in a great mood today but once we got in the building he shut down on me saying he was sick. Tried to talk him through it. He did try walking with me but only got just outside the office and it took several attempts to get that far. He was really agitated so we just left. I'm concerned that although he seems to be more willing to try, he is caving closer and closer to the office so I feel like we are regressing.

Has a project due tomorrow so maybe he'll walk in early to deliver it. Have my doubts but we'll see. Sees psychologist (seeing him weekly now) and psychiatrist on Monday.

04-25-13, 11:30 AM
What advice has the psychologist given so far? Have you tried Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy? That's supposed to be helpful for anxiety...

04-25-13, 12:02 PM
That's what we are starting now. They are trying to ID the triggers but DS can't do it yet. That was his "homework", to try to ID what happens to make him feel anxious. It just seems now to be an overall general anxiety but school performance seems to be what he is most concerned about--getting called out in class, completing work on time in class and grades.

Ms. Mango
04-25-13, 09:02 PM
I'll apologize now if I missed this, but has anyone asked him what he'd like to have happen so that he feels comfortable going to school? What if the teacher told him he wouldn't be called on?

Can he go other places, or does his anxiety extend to all public/social situations?

04-26-13, 11:53 AM
Thanks Ms. Mango. Yes, we went through that in the very beginning and he was able to verbalize some things and we were working on them. Shortly after that, he went back to school for a period of time but had a couple of impulsive reactions that got him into trouble and that was pretty much it.

Now he isn't even able to verbalize that the problem is. It doesn't seem to matter now--it's everything. He wanted to turn in his project today and even considered going to MAP testing with his class but the problem seems to be social anxiety. "they will ask me all kinds of questions about being out". "I don't want them to see me". He wouldn't go to the Middle School open house for rising 6 graders last night for the same reason. I got him to try walking down the hallway with me without his books or project this morning but he stopped, got very agitated and retreated when he saw another student.

DH and I are very close to switching him to a small private school next year for a "fresh start" with less kids and more one-on-one attention. We found a small Christian school nearby that was recommended by a friend. It's a mesh of homeschooling and private school. They use homeschool curriculum and techniques in a private school setting. They also mix the grades a bit to encourage independent learning and mentoring. DS may like that because he always likes helping and working with younger kids. But they are almost full for next year and DS doesn't want to switch schools because he won't know anyone there.

But it has become fairly apparent that he will not be able to attend regular classes this year. And him transitioning to a larger middle school is probably just a pipe dream unless his psychologist is a miracle worker over the summer.