View Full Version : what else should I pack? I so not ready for camping!

04-25-13, 06:09 AM
So I have never planned any sort of trip for us before. The hubby usually does this, but my surprise xmas present was to plan a weekend camping trip to the place that he first asked me to marry him way back in the olden days when I was 19. Its at highpoint state park and the specific proposal spot was at high point which is where NJ, PA and NY intersect. Cool right? I rock yo!....BUT spring so I forgot its 10 degrees cooler in the moutains, I didnt want to sweat in a tent getting bitten up by mosquitos. Spring sounded dandy! The spring here in NJ has been playing chicken with us for a month now...cold at night, sometimes cold during the day, sometimes warm and wet at night. What was I thinking?

Oh and bears, they come out of hibernation in the spring. What was I thinking?

I have my mother picking up the kids tomorrow at noon after we will be off on our way. I had surgery almost 2 weeks ago and the house is a WRECK. I mean alot of people say their houses are bad and they really arent, but mine is.

Of course I left all of the cleaning and packing to the last minute, I have to pack for myself and the buy all of the food we are taking. Thankfully we have the tent, air mattress, chairs stove and essential camp stuff ready. Last night I sucked it up and went into Walmart (which I hate. I hate it because its sensory overload and because walmart shoppers can be like zombies, one bit and youre on your way to flip flops and mumu's in aisle 9 at midnight). I went to walmart for a first aid kit, flashlights,bug spray and a camping coffee pot.

I am making Mark bring his machete, not that we would need it but I supposed if there is a bear situation, a little call to the wild sword fighting may be in order. I am packing the obvious" layers, easy to eat food, proper footwear warm sleeping stuff camp stuff...we will be locking the food in the truck because of the bears. What else am I forgetting? Can anyone think of something that saved their as* when camping that I would kick myself over if I forgot?

So of course I have today to finish all the packing and grocery shop. I have to pack the kids. They have one of those nondescript half days today so I have to make some good progress by noon. They are also off from school tomorrow so my brother will be picking them up at noon. They should be able to resist the urge to fight until after he picks them up. We would like to be out of here at the latest, 10am because it takes almost 3 hours to get their. I remember when I booked this trip I told the woman taking the reservation that it was just my hubby and I, our second time away together in almost 18 years of marriage and could she please keep us as far away from anyone with children as possible. She laughed but I was dead serious. Now that I think about it, I think she probably laughed because their are not many morons like me planning a spring camping trip in the mountains with their kids. Of course we will have seclusion. It will be us, bears and maybe a transient homeless camper who hopefully will be friendly.

So what else am I fogetting? There has to be something. Any un-thought of dangers that you can think of? NJ is weird, we have all kinds of animals that you forget about until you are up in the mountains camping alone at night. Oh
and we also chopped up our own fire wood to bring. Thanks to Hurricane Sandy there was plenty to chop.

Anyone who can think of anything can chime in. Also you can chime in for your last goodbye's in case I become bait or dinner to some black bears.

04-25-13, 06:44 AM
house keys, wallet, mobile
Rain coat (if you were in the UK :rolleyes:)
Maybe some indoor games for the kids in case it rains
Playing cards (if you like playing)

Can't think of anything else.

Have a great time!!!! :)

04-25-13, 07:19 AM
Extra matches or a lighter, extra batteries.

04-25-13, 08:06 AM
I always for get cutlery, mugs n stuff... GLowsticks go down well with the kids as a lil surprise after dark :) Marshmellows ( smores? ) hehehe...... enjoy! Lil chopped up bits of soap. Toothstuff. hahaha..... always forget something :) Lil scourer, lil bit of clothes powder. Deodorant. Wipes ( backup tp's for the hoolio ;) )

Little tiny fold out chairs can be a huge benefit around a campsite..... layers..... beanie + gloves if cold....... doesn't stop.....hehehehe

10 - 20ltr water can...... ziplocks bags large........ a couple of rubbish bags......

How much money u got??????? hahahahaha!!!

Regarding the bears..... a can of deodorant and a lighter should keep em at bay for a while hehehehe

04-25-13, 09:46 AM
You're a braver man than I Gunga Din! I hate camping. My idea of camping
used to be a foam mattress in the back of the station wagon and a bucket
to pee in so I didn't have to walk half a mile to an outhouse.

The weather this weekend is supposed to be really great here - I hope it's
good in NJ too.

04-25-13, 10:26 AM
Just a note: Thanks all so far for the suggestions. The good thing is, this is kid no games. just a good book can camp sex. Also I have to figure out away to remain in the car because the drive is over 2 hours long! This is sort of a throw back to that marriage proposal when i was young,19 and innocent;) (ha)

04-25-13, 10:42 AM
Baby wipes. I camp lots. Won't leave home without them. More blankets than you think you might need.

04-25-13, 11:03 AM
all I can think of is: marshmallows!
i have never prepared a camping trip.
*bows gracefully, exits thread*

04-25-13, 01:40 PM
My idea of "roughing it" is no conscierge service. :p

If exploring North America had been left up to me, we'd all still be living at

the beach. :yes:

u r welcome :cool:

04-25-13, 02:18 PM
For food pack stuff that doesn't require much or any cooking. Granola bars, fruit, cheese buns. Make some spaghetti now and freeze it. Then you can just dump it in the pot to reheat. If you buy canned food, get the cans with.the pull tab to open, can openers tend to be forgotten or dissapear. Bottled.water and juice. Instant coffee.and.powdered.creamer or milk.

04-25-13, 02:23 PM
Shovel and a hatchet with a flat end. Extra rope and clothespins. An additional tarp to keep the rain out - even the waterproof tents leak - and maybe one to go over your eating/cooking area. And the poles and stakes to hold them up. Car charger for your cell phones.

04-25-13, 02:34 PM
Calamine lotion, sunblock, aloe!

Check for ticks! You can get a tick to voluntarily pull his head out, if you put Vicks over it. Otherwise, just pulling one off will leave his head in your skin. Yuck. Or, if you're brave, hold a lighter flame over it and he'll scoot out.

04-25-13, 04:50 PM
Lol at booze out for them add bears ya can always throw a bottle of ritalin at them,that should calm em down nicely for awhile.I never went camping or got into it.give me a nice hotel w a jacuzzi n bar and im good.I did that back in 2011 when i got my atv.yup went riding n roosting all day got dirty n got a nice hotel w a hottub in the was a sweet labor day weekend out in pa

04-25-13, 04:51 PM
Bug spray skintastic works well

04-25-13, 06:59 PM
A ginormous can of whoop *** for any people that may appear I'm th night :P now that's been said oooooh camping trip :) v jealous I hope you have a lovely time xxxx

04-30-13, 09:52 AM
A couple of ropes, 100' long, the trees are always farther apart. Couple of rolls of TP, soap, extra car keys, and those metal hot dog/marshmallow sticks.

My personal NLHWOI is a hammock. Not a veranda style with the spreader bars, but a good one from REI or your favorite outdoor store. A lot of "I oughta go do something" never gets done while I am relaxing in the hammock.