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04-25-13, 11:52 PM
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I am set to leave in a few days for a fabulously tropical (and way too expensive) vacation. I keep going back and forth about meds. One one hand, I want to do nothing but relax and eat, but I am also worried that if I don't take meds I will basically be wasting an entire day because ill need to sleep forever to get my energy used to being self sufficient again. But if I use meds I won't have much of an appetite and its all inclusive and reportedly amazing food.

What would you do if you were me? Keep in mind that I take 10mg xr with a 2.5-5.0mg ir booster.

Thanks! :)

04-26-13, 12:17 AM
Right now, at home, which days do you enjoy more - medicated ones, or un?

04-26-13, 01:07 AM
That's a tough question to answer for me. I like the emotional regulation of it, but that's the only benefit most of the time, outside of errands/cleaning. But when I am not, it's Sleep City. I haven't taken a med break for about a month. I just want to take advantage of being able to truly relax and I think my brain will want to 'solve' something.

Blah. 1st world ADHD problems!

04-26-13, 01:28 AM
Here's one point of view then: You're on a vacation mainly to enjoy the place, not mainly to eat. If you're asleep all the time, maybe you'll do less enjoying. Can you enjoy great food but a bit less of it? Or does your medication really make you stop eating?

04-26-13, 01:39 AM
Eh, I now eat half to a third of what I normally eat. Hmm, maybe ill do just the ir and skip the booster....

04-26-13, 07:00 AM
Im leaving to go camping in a few hours (which is why I have no business being here) and I am bringing my meds with me.

04-26-13, 02:15 PM
I guess it doesn't hurt to take it just in case. Have fun camping! It's also one if my favorites!

04-26-13, 05:04 PM
All inclusive vacations are awesome -lucky you! :D

I don't think you're going to be too mentally taxed there -the hardest decisions are whether to eat at the regular buffets or go to one of the a la carte restaurants :P
You sit on a beach, you relax and read a book/soak up the rays/enjoy nature.
-If it were me...I would take my meds along (just in case) but not use them. If you're not working the day before your departure maybe you can titrate down the day before.
If fatigue is an issue....maybe you can get by with extra coffee for the first few days.

Most likely you will imbibe a few alcoholic beverages (its fricken free!)
Keep mindful of the possible interactions
-On the flip side you could be med free and not worry about the interactions...but at the same time you might make more impulsive/stupid decisions if you get hammered.

Don't be surprised if you gain 5-10 pounds if you go med free --theres just so much food, sugary drinks and alcohol available :)

05-12-13, 10:56 AM
I'm going on a little vacation for a couple days, not bringing my meds with. Taking a break more than anything else though...I've haven't taken a break from meds for a while and sometimes I feel like the vyvanse makes me nuts...

Besides, I don't need to focus on anything if I'm at water parks with my kids (and my responsible wife to oversee us kids)