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04-26-13, 01:27 AM
Anyone else drawn to explore?

Whether that's exploring the backcountry near where you live, or exploring myriad new hobbies, or intellectual pursuits, any of that?

I became fascinating with four-wheeling more for the idea of exploring old ghost towns, mining roads, forest roads, railroad beds, remote parts of the mountains, etc. Ever since I was probably ... 12 or 13 when I read a book about driving old land rovers across the Outback (lookin' at you Fractured Story ;)) I've been fascinated with that concept.

I love reading about people who traverse long foreign distances with just them, their car, their gear... there's some great blogs out there and great magazine articles about driving south through Mexico, central and south america, across Australia, across Russia...

I like going on four wheeling trips, yeah, but the best times I've had I'm alone with just me and the Jeep somewhere remote.

I also like to explore all sorts of hobbies. Photography, robotics, car repair/mod, electronics, reading, hunting, fishing, camping, the list goes on and on and on.

I hope I'm not alone. I've longed to find others like that too...

There's so many amazing, fascinating, incredible things in this world to see and do... so few people get to experience the wonder...

04-26-13, 02:24 AM
I love all this.

My wife really disliked it.

Maybe I'll do more now, when I have the chance. I don't care about far all that much, I care more about interesting and new. (Though I did have a recurring dream of walking to the edge of the world and looking to see what was beyond it.) :)

04-26-13, 02:36 AM
I think that exploration and impulsiveness go together...

04-26-13, 02:57 AM
I love to explore, travel, throw myself into the unknown - but I'm not really comfortable doing it on my own. My wife is more of the everything-has-to-be-planned type so it's a bit difficult to get her to tag along.

04-26-13, 04:18 AM
yes, but on a very small scale, I'm not adventerous at all. but then I get SO excited with small travel plans. When we took the Thalys train to germany last year, well that was absolutely amazing.
we're going to Britanny for 2 days next week, this is huge for me.
this summer i plan on "exploring" parts of Paris.
also I like to go to a mall or something, i've never been to before.

04-26-13, 12:38 PM
Yes, but like stef, I'm not too much into the risk taking aspect of some of the things you listed. Also, there's a distinct lack of two crucial things that has always kept me from traveling more: time & money.

My wife is the risk taker...her dream is to go to Australia and see the Great Barrier Reef. Maybe one day when the kids are grown and on their own I'll get to take her, but when she starts talking about how she thinks "it would be so awesome to swim free in the open water with sharks", I start trying to think of any excuse out of it...anything to get her to agree to going somewhere else...I've had no such luck yet.

04-26-13, 05:13 PM
Yes! I am very adventurous and love to explore new places. I frequently take my dog out on hikes in the woods, fields, and parks in and around my city. Part of the reason I chose to live here was because of all the natural spaces in/around the city. I knew that if I was going to live in an urban setting, it HAD to be close to natural spaces to explore, or I would totally, completely, 100% lose my mind.

I grew up hiking through the woods around our house, riding horses through open fields, 4-wheeling out in the boonies, etc. The older men in my family have a long-standing tradition of hiking the Appalachian trail every year, and my dad and uncles always took us kids on weekend hikes and camping trips, so it's been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.

Adam, I'll take your wife swimming with sharks if you won't, that sounds amazing! I've been snorkeling on reefs with barracudas, giant jellies, sea turtles, rays, and other fascinating creatures, but we didn't spot any sharks when we were out on the water. They may well have been around, but if they were, they were avoiding us (which they will usually do if you don't bother them).

Riding an elephant has been one of my favorite adventures so far, along with the snorkeling and hiking along the Blue Ridge mountains. On my to-do list is skydiving, swimming with sharks and dolphins, and I'd really like to do one of those week-long kayak trips off the coast of south Florida, where you kayak from key to key and camp on the islands at night. A friend of mine did that once and she loved it... now I'm itching to go myself!

04-26-13, 10:02 PM
I love ghost towns. I have a book on abandoned towns in Oz, the stories are fascinating. I would travel more if I wasn't so hopeless. The flesh is willing but the brain is off in a corner, eating a grilled cheese sandwich and sulking. Maybe that's why I became a bookworm - I can't get 'out there' for real so I use books.
I tried backpacking once, I basically just ended up homeless and relying on strangers to feed me. I have a lot of dreams where I'm traveling, and I wake up wanting to throw some clothes on and jump on a bus.
Anyway's, I glad you don't have these issues! Have fun exploring :-)

04-27-13, 12:07 AM
The flesh is willing but the brain is off in a corner, eating a grilled cheese sandwich and sulking.

This is poetic greatness.

as to the whole travel thing, I have a very active imagination, usually for negative things.......

It doesn't help that my parents kept me out of the deep end by telling me there were sharks that would eat me.
As you can imagine, I do not swim in any body of water that I cannot see the bottom of, or that has other creatures in it.

So while I want to do things, my fears definitely hold me back, oh....and money.

Ive always wanted to backpack across Europe though