View Full Version : homeschoolers and ADD??

04-26-13, 11:56 PM
Anyone here homeschool?

Anyone here have ADD and still homeschool?

Vet Hopeful
06-07-13, 02:09 PM
I have ADHD and was homeschooled (though I never homeschooled anyone). I did just enough to meet state requirements, got my GED, and am now a senior in college.

It can work, but it also can get very frustrating.

Math-U-See for math was by far the best.
I think a child with ADD might have some success with the Switch On Schoolhouse program because there is praise after every correct answer.

06-21-13, 11:44 PM
LOL! I have six children. My oldest just graduated high school! My youngest is going into 3rd grade. I have ADHD! (So does one of my children, but I believe three others would also benefit from a diagnosis). I was diagnosed just 2 years ago.

I have homeschooled (mostly "unschooled") since my oldest was preschool age. I have mostly provided the educational material and let the children learn/explore at their own pace. I have used Sonlight, Jubilee Academy, My Father's World, AO Lifepacs and SOS, Time-4-Learning, and this past year I had 4 children in public-school funded K12 hoping the accountability would help me get more than 3 months of structured schoolwork in for the year.

The first time I had any children enter the public school was when my oldest 3 were in grades 1, 3, and 5 -- all in the same school. I needed the free babysitting so I could concentrate on my younger three children. As my children got older and I assessed their individual needs vs. my desires/ideals, we have had a mix of some homeschooled and some in the public school.

The reason I "LOL" is because next year is the first time my children will ALL be in the public school system (My oldest will be at the local community college). I am so excited. I have come to understand that I simply cannot conduct a learning environment at home that meets my standards. I would never give up the experiences I have had with my children at home, but as our seasons of life change, so we must have different expectations.

My 13 year old would love to stay at home next year, but I am not capable of keeping on top of making her get her work done and she has too much tendency to retreat into a book for days instead of getting a variety of work done (can we say hyper-focus?) so I am having her repeat 8th grade at the local middle school where she will attend with her 12 year old brother and at least one best friend. She could academically go on to High school with her older brother into 9th grade -- she is advanced academically -- but socially, emotionally, and organizationally I don't think she's ready for the higher expectations of high school and the programs at our local middle school should suit her well.

My son on medication for ADHD struggled with structured homeschooling before being on medication. He is very bright and was bored in the public school in previous years. Since being on medication he is thriving on the structure of the public school setting and finds school much more interesting (He went to school over wanting to stay home with Grandpa visiting for graduation!)