View Full Version : The Mystery House *Incomplete and Discontinued*

04-27-13, 02:23 PM
Nobody knew why the old house had been empty for so long. All anyone could say for definite was that it was gradually falling into disrepair. Workmen had tried to repair it years ago but for some reason that was generally unknown, they had never returned to finish the work that the house so desperately needed. There were stories flying around all over the place about the old house, whether it was haunted and what by. Some people reckoned a murder had taken place there; others thought there had been an accident there.

Everyone know the road going past there was an accident waiting to happen, in fact there were car crashes there regularly. The common sense explanation was the fact there was a really bad corner there which was the cause of the accidents. Rumour had it the house was haunted or cursed. Most of the accidents (if not all) were either on the driveway of the house; or the exact spot of road that went past the house.

The boys in the nearby school would walk past it nearly every day to and from school. Quite often, the boys would dare each other to enter the building at night. Nobody ever did though, because if anyone entered the grounds, strange noises would start coming from the house.

There was one young lad in particular who, when he passed the house, would look up at the windows of the house as though looking for someone who could no longer be seen. He remembered the one person who'd entered the house to live there, before a Something had driven them out. Nobody knew exactly what it was, they hadn't stuck around long enough to tell anyone what had happened.

The young lad walked past the house on his way to school. It was a Friday, and as usual, he couldn't resist looking up at the window again. He saw something that chilled him to the marrow. The one undamaged room had turned blood red! He could see it through the window. He didn't know what to do - run home, enter the house to see why the room was red, or go to school as though nothing had happened.

He stood there thinking for a few minutes. His friends passed, calling to him, but he remained stood there, thinking. One of his friends broke away from the group to speak to him.

What's the matter? You look like you've seen a ghost, Peter" his friend exclaimed.

"Maybe I have" Peter admitted. "The room in there is blood red"

"You're seeing things" laughed his friend.

"I'm not seeing things, Tom. Come with me after school into the house" Peter said urgently.

Tom laughed, then challenged Peter to a race.

"Last one to school is a chicken" called Tom, racing off.

Peter sighed, then started running after Tom. They got to school just in time; the teacher had just started calling the register.

"Hurry up and sit down, you two!" she called bossily.

"yes Miss, sorry Miss" Tom and Peter panted together.

Peter heard nothing of the day's lessons; he was too busy pondering. Why was the room red today? Who or what was the something or someone that chased people away from the old house? Were the ghost stories true? He was determined to find out.

He had to wait until school was ended for the day. Tom walked beside him on the way home from school. They spent the whole time discussing school and the old house.

"Maths and French homework again!" groaned Tom.

"I'll help you with the Maths if you want" offered Peter.

"Yes please Peter, we can do it together." said Tom thoughtfully. "I hate Maths" he added.

Peter wasn't litening any more. "I wonder why the room in the house is blood red?" he suddenly said musingly.

"I don't know, why's it so important?" asked Tom.

"I'm just interested" Peter admitted.

Tom didn't answer and they walked the rest of the way home in silence.

Peter returned home and tried the door, which was locked. He then remembered his mum was out at yoga night, so she'd have locked up to ensure thieves couldn't break in. Peter unlocked the door and walked in, then threw his schoolbag into the hallway.

"Anyone home?" he called, not knowing whether he'd got home before his security conscious mother (who never left the doors unlocked whether she was inside or outside) or his really busy father, who was always out at work or some sort of activity with workmates.