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04-27-13, 05:36 PM
Hi I am new to this forum and I have an issue with medication I am hopeing to get some advice on. Let me start off by saying I have had serious substance abuse issues in the past and suffer from anxiety depression and minor OCD/ODD, all of which are made worse by my ADD.

I am prescribed pristiq along with abilify for these things and also have tried a few stimulants for ADD. I was on concerta for about 5 months and it work great. My substance abuse has been under control and I was feeling awesome and felt as though I was succeeding in life all around and my relationships with my girlfriend and family were improving nicely.

After about five months passed this seemed to diminish and I began to get anxious depressed and unmotivated so my concerta was changed to focalin xr. This worked very well for my mood and focus however I have needed to get the dosage upped about four times in the past 4 months and I can identify a dependency and possible abuse with it ready to occur.

I have even taken not as prescribe at times which isn't good for me and scared my girlfriend a great deal. I talked with the doctor about this and she simply increased my dosage again saying we will get it to the point where I don't feel it's necessary to take more. This made some sense to me but it did not fly with my girlfriend who already has to control and distribute my focalin to me to avoid the serious abuse potential. I would like to know if anyone else thinks this is a bad idea and what any other options for medication would be.

I am considering trying the concerta again or maybe daytrana or vyvanse because they say they are more difficult to abuse or maybe giving something like straterra a try although the side effect of suicide idealation concerns me. Please let me know any thoughts or advice on the matter about what I could do because I would like to find a safe solution that me and my family are comfortable with to treat my ADD and hopefully get back to how I felt on the concerta those many months ago

04-28-13, 09:02 AM
I've heard that properly treated ADHD makes someone a lot less likely to abuse anything. So hopefully when you find the correct med/dosage for you, you won't be tempted to abuse anything.

Also, did you have any after care treatment for your former substance abuse issues?

04-28-13, 09:38 AM
My psychiatrist was hesitant to give stims.......based on my heavy "self medication" prior to treatment........

After meds, I don't feel a need to do the other stuff.....heck I rarely even masturbate any more......... i have looked one or two times at the stim bottle........ considering taking more to be "better"....... but thus far have quite quickly controlled/rationalised the thought.....

So I think it's more to do with where your at in terms of the other things under the adhd.........

Whatever you find, don't discount the value of self realisation and acceptance.

04-28-13, 01:11 PM
Yes I continue to receive weekly therapy and counseling for substance abuse and have attended 12 step meetings. I have been sober for over 8 months if you don't include takeing my focalin off label and I attribute that partly to being medicated in the first place. I guess my question is what medication is the most difficult to abuse and is also effective. Anyone have any experiences or recomedAtions they could share? I'm leaning towards the daytrana patch because of its super long duration with a single dose instead of having the ups and downs associated with a multi dose medicine. Straterra seemed like an option until I read of all the nasty and unwanted side effects...

04-29-13, 02:14 PM
honestly, you can abuse anything. Even vyvanse which is supposed to be abuse proof can be abused. I am in recovery and I have been on stimulants for nearly 9 years. I have a very honest relationship with my doctor and I am super careful but being on meds have paid me dividends.

04-29-13, 03:49 PM
Thank you sarahsweet. I have good open relationships with my doctors as well. May I ask what you take? I have an appointment with my doctor tommarow to hopefully come to a resolution but I am extremely worried at the same time.

Nate W
05-01-13, 07:29 PM
What dose are you on? If it is not considered a large dose, I would not worry.

I do not believe it when they say Vyvanse is a formulation that has less of a potential for abuse. True, it does not get you high if you snort or inject it (this is the reason for that statement by Shire). But you sure can take more than the prescribed dose and get whacked out on way too much dextroamphetamine (what Vyvanse metabolizes into), Dr. shop, hide use, etc. I don't know too many medication abusers that snort or inject their meds.


05-02-13, 04:29 AM
@ courtsname: I took dexedrine spanules for 7 years and now I have been on adderall for 2 years.