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04-28-13, 05:43 PM
In this game, the idea is you add something to the story. There's a minimum of three sentences and a maximum of ten sentences that you can add. It's just for fun :). Please put the story in italics so everyone knows what is story and what is chatter :)

I gazed down into the water. I don't like my reflection. She gazes back at me with this haunted,sad look. I cupped my hands then splashed water up at my face. I felt the water running down my face. Running like the many tears that had fallen since that day.

04-29-13, 01:47 PM
Then I got bored and shoved her into the lake! :lol:
Then I jumped in too and we splashed the water around...

LOL I just had to say that because the wording of your story was just too "eloquent" and needed an immediate climate to relieve my suspense. :p

04-29-13, 02:11 PM
The rings of water danced with each smooth stroke as we splashed around, laughing, knowing that at this moment in time we are together and are free.

I stood up, stared for the last time at my fading reflection and walked towards the crowded street. Freedom, such a meaningless word, when our lives are nothing but a prison forged from time.

04-29-13, 03:39 PM
Then we spotted a beaver gathering sticks and I pondered about the philosophical meaning of life as I often do. I dared not say anything though or else she would probably tease me by suggesting, for example, that I think of the thirsty children in Africa every time I see water. Then again, maybe she's right, I take things too seriously sometimes and should remember to have fun once in a while, so we continued playing in the water.

Side note: I'm really poking fun at the poetic/philosophical writing style this story has, lol

04-29-13, 05:39 PM
Played until the sun went down and the stars filled the sky with their luminous glow. My thoughts cleared again as I set foot on the wide broad walk, the people faded away, fragments of memories of a time long past.

04-29-13, 06:13 PM
I was walking with ghosts.
Some of them I missed with my heart breaking every time I thought of them.
Some came to me in my dreams and changed them to nightmares.

04-29-13, 07:19 PM
Now, they were all just dust and bones, such a fitting gravestone for mankind. I remember clearly the last days. Who would have thought that the end would come at the hands of our own creations; Killer white fluffy rabbits with big pointy teeth, friendly green ogres in league with talking donkeys and worst of all - Jar Jar Binks!