View Full Version : Wtf?

04-28-13, 10:57 PM
I had the runs this morning and there were three intact wellbutrin xl
pills floating on the surface of the toilet. Three! and I take one a day!
I'm pretty regular so why did they all come out at once?
Have I got a blockage? What the hsll?
All this time I've been wondering if they're doing anything for me and
they've just been passing right through me!

04-28-13, 11:24 PM
how weird! Have you asked the doctor or pharmacist?

04-29-13, 10:38 PM
My pharmacist says since they are slow release the meds get absorbed thru the gel coating. Duh! But I still don't know how 3 came out together when they were taken 24 hours apart over 72 hours. Correction, 96 hours as I had just taken one and it would have had to shoot through me like a cruise missile.

04-30-13, 09:48 AM
Are you sure they were solid - the pills not the poop? Hope you didn't get THAT close. I believe the drug lit. says that the pill "shell" can come out in your business but it's not a problem.

04-30-13, 01:55 PM
I know that's the case w/ Concerta sometimes... could be it's just the shell... but I wouldn't want to check ;)

07-26-13, 06:42 PM
That is the S****yest story I have heard in a while!