View Full Version : Which AD mixes well with ritalin?

05-01-13, 09:54 PM
In the past I already tried celexa,remeron,wellbutrin without any success
against depression.
Now I'm on ritalin. But it doesn't do anything against depression either.
But I thought that maybe I should try ritalin + AD at least one time to see if an AD would have a bigger chance with ritalin.

What would you suggest? Should I try ritalin + another SSRI cause I already tried celexa alone and it did nothing?

I don't really want to try ritalin + SNRI. this could be too "strong".
I also didnt want to take effexor alone back then and with ritalin I'd also not want to take it.

How about prozac or zoloft + ritalin would this be a good combo?

08-12-13, 08:54 AM
I would stay away from most antideoressants. The SSRIs, tricyclics, MAOIs, etc all have "depressing" side effects and are in my view almost worthless, given the alternatives. I just want to suggest CBT as, in conjunction with Adderall and Wellbutrin, it has helped me enormously with depression.

Check out David Burns' "Feeling Good", and just commit to reading for a bit each day. I thought it was bullcrap at first, but I actually had so many negative and conpletely irrational thoughts/beliefs that led me to a very dark state of mind and dysfunction.

The most important thing is that you do something, ANYTHING, o help yourself. One of depressions most devastating effects is you want to do nothing, just lay in bed and die. If you give yourself something to consciously do to improve yourself or make yourself feel better, it will take you much further than any of the ubiquitous ADs.

If they work for you, however, no problem. Just be sure to widen your horizons, this is legit