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05-02-13, 09:23 PM
Make a confusing statement\comment\whatever about what the what the previous poster said to make a confusing statement about, and then tell the next poster what to comment on.


Poster 1: Say something about radiators.

Poster 2: I am not a radiator fan.

So here goes... ...Make a confusing statement about brains.

05-02-13, 11:28 PM
Brains: good on toast, if you think about it.

Next topic: mustard

07-03-13, 11:51 AM
Mustard is tards full of mus


08-28-13, 03:46 AM
Donkey High Donkey low, however it's not like the see saw this time.


08-28-13, 08:33 AM
lovely, love Lee, love Li, love lea, but got no love for lei


08-28-13, 08:37 AM
Fero City council met last night, and the meeting ended in a typically ferocious brawl.


08-28-13, 08:46 AM
I like drinking grey goose it makes me wanna take off my clothes waaaaheyyyy

I hate patterned dresses

08-28-13, 09:06 AM
I hate a slattern"s tresses


08-28-13, 09:10 AM
Bagpipes I hate tartan it chafes my wrists

Cillit bang

08-28-13, 09:15 AM
cillit is further proof the Oxford English Dictionary doesn't know everything.


08-28-13, 09:22 AM
They say a heart attack hits you like a clap of thunder baby gerbils are gross

I want to stick Blu tak in my nostrils

08-28-13, 09:23 AM
A small ball of Bluetack can be snorted up your nose and coughed out your mouth... nice to know there is an exit route ;)


08-28-13, 09:26 AM
De a deer, a partial deer,
Do, a dot of golden sun,
der, a word I say confused
ant, a bug to make me run ....

in flagrante delicto

08-28-13, 09:33 AM
I don't speak any foreign language except for Ebonics nah mean
When I'm in th shower I run the shower gel lid slowly down my tongue

Give me some of that bass

08-28-13, 09:39 AM
Can't, gotta clean the treble out of the sheets


08-28-13, 04:57 PM
I got in treble once at school for punching a puppy in the spleen. They sent me rainbow colored flowers.

09-04-13, 11:17 PM
Yea that I did for you, Grandma

09-05-13, 08:11 AM
naaaah, my alarms going off from 4am but I was awake this morning on time.

09-05-13, 01:46 PM
Nope the tired baby did fall asleep right how he did.

09-06-13, 10:46 AM
It's ok for him said Jeremy who it wasn't ok for and his mom agreed it was ok

09-06-13, 03:18 PM
Nope not during morning. scissors aren't for haircuts. Babar said even for boys.

09-07-13, 10:21 PM
loads of laundry unlike the other door.

09-15-13, 12:07 PM
That was a lie you told my dad that was working on that firewood said my mom after the firewood burned

09-15-13, 08:55 PM
Don't burn your firewood until the cows come home to roost in your belfry.


09-15-13, 09:08 PM
That Grandpa Belfry he built during the war while grandma sold during the civil war.

09-15-13, 09:15 PM


09-15-13, 09:36 PM
Johnathon hit meeee!!! No I never!!

09-16-13, 01:31 AM
Where's my topic? You have to give me a topic for my statement. (And you have to use the topic the person above you gives you, not just say anything. Right?)

09-16-13, 05:48 PM
Where's my topic? You have to give me a topic for my statement. (And you have to use the topic the person above you gives you, not just say anything. Right?)

I don't think this game was a very good idea. It's just too hard to come up with something funny and confusing.

"tiger woods", or "shotgun approach", or "snickers"

09-16-13, 06:08 PM
A tiger in the woods is worth two exploring the wrong bush. :eyebrow:

Hot dog bun.

09-16-13, 06:27 PM
There wasn't the chilli Mom and Pop made at the Candy Shop by chance due to rain on the tie pop's old store sold that was the same one you had that that Division of Classification and Compensation in the Department of human resources girl wears. Why does the tie get worn all the time by her, and basically also the chilli that still smells like popcorn jelliebeans but not at all popcorn, OK? Don't get confused like last time.


09-26-13, 12:59 PM
It is only when you really know yourself that you realize your value and that it's priceless. Until then you have a false image of you at your best time and think that's always you and that's who you truly are. That is who you truly are but you have disorders or interferences or environmental factors that make you do both good and bad things. You can look at yourself as priceless because something so beautiful and only one ever is there. The bad side is there with it. But just because the lincoln memorial is made of stone, which is ugly and we walk on all the time, doesn't mean that it is just ugly stone.

09-26-13, 01:07 PM
it is only when you are comfortable with yourself and you know your worth because you have dared to find out or been forced to find out who you really are, that you will not feel fear to change for fear of not being able to be that perfect person you have on the pedastol of yourself, who is really you, but you at your best most beautiful most innocent times, probably the core or something. When you know you're solid and you know you are you and you know you are no longer someone looking at yourself on the pedastol and you are that person who you once held so dear, and now realize that you just are so dear, you realize that you have the power to protect yourself with everything you are made of wholy, every sense of your being. Then you have to learn the knowledge of what will change you and know everything about it or trust someone who is wise sound and good who knows everything about it and is coming from a place of good. Once you know yourself and you know the change wholly and fully you can do many good things, and you know what and how you could do them. So once you know yourself and know your prescription med, the more you feel comfortable taking it. and the buzzkill; for the most part we still have a long way to go. But picking back up this world is so awesome and amazing.

09-26-13, 01:09 PM
I'm not making excuses or whatever for those last two posts but I haven't slept in like 63 hours cause of hypomania. the lack of sleep probably being the main culprit? IDK. IDK if those are the main reason behind the concepts, but might be why this sounds kind of confusing. I'm not holding back-- transparency.

09-26-13, 03:43 PM
FWIW, I think those two are some of your best posts ever.

09-28-13, 03:21 PM
FWIW, I think those two are some of your best posts ever.

OMG thank you!!!:thankyou::):):):D

10-30-13, 10:34 PM
The peanut butter I want but milk is bad so I won't complete the protein like I usually do after my choosy mom told me when I was little and loved Peterpan but had jiff.

11-01-13, 10:43 PM
the legume of the day is the peanut

11-02-13, 12:41 AM
It is well known that peanuts are not desirable employers; this has engendered a widespread metaphorical reference to working for them. However, the workers who originated this phrase, after having been disgracefully treated by the little legumes, seem inexplicably to have disappeared. They are valued human beings and should be searched for assiduously; this is not just peanuts we're talking about!

Vegetable soup - should we continue life support?

11-02-13, 12:49 AM
Well a guinea pig isn't a prairie dog!

11-02-13, 01:31 AM
Whatever it is, it's eating my fruit!

It was an apple, as far as I'm concerned... until I peeled it and I cried.

11-02-13, 01:35 AM
An apple a day keeps the doctor away - but an onion a day keeps everybody away!

Watching your life flash before your eyes.

12-15-13, 03:58 AM
It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to. You would cry too if it happened to you.

12-15-13, 10:59 AM
You big cry baby!
But sometimes I secretly cry over a warm bowl of cereal.

12-20-13, 06:06 PM
Alright nooooo!