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05-04-13, 12:23 AM
I can not change what has come to pass
Only sit while you mind files the events it chooses to to keep
Nor can I see the future as I am no soothsayer
Standing beside you we walked the path together
Holding your hand made the walk less scary
The paths we choose were not the same
We each choose to follow the signs leading to dreams we chase
With hope that shined through your eyes
I could never jump in front to stand in your way
That is not the path I want to change
There was a walk we began to take
Bumps, rocks, cracks, and potholes filled the way
Then things became to rough so we began to stray
I looked to my side when I squeezed for strength
Your hand I had lost and you were walking away
Calling to you
You turned your head
I saw the tear on your face race down your cheek
You turned away and continued to walk
I sat down and wrote the date in that spot
The man with one thousand continual thoughts had nothing more to say
With a jump to a run chasing her down, he came to a halt
All there was to be seen
Looking behind laid devastation and waste
Few pieces of the path left together in place
No one had taken care to tread lightly when walking along
Turning around nothing but the path lay ahead
Choice to stay there with nothing around
Wait to see if she will come back to here or start to walk ahead towards the dark
The steps were taken cause it had to be
Something began to push from behind upon me
No one around, no hands on my back
My heart had returned from a long time ago
Warmth crept inside from the return of my old friend
The man wanted to turn and show the path they had destroyed
The heart refused to turn and look
Pushing on to keep going forward
There is nothing to see but left over waste from the hatred and anger had caused undo haste
But of the one I walked with who had held my hand
She's gone now forever broken the same, its all my fault from the path we took
Its not to be the heart whispered, wait and see
Fate plays games on you and me
Continue to walk and keep your hand free
One day she may come back to you and me
There was never several paths to choose
They were all the same just different stones had been laid
The paths don't go away they come to you
to walk upon, there is only one to choose
Why so many choices that come and seemed so hard to choose
Because you laid the stones into your path you walk
Without more stone then would I be at the end
Someone like you would give up my friend
That isn't your choice to make; its ours and I don't agree
Its been a long time my dearest old friend
where exactly have you been
I was always here, trapped in your mind
In a cage you made built of hostility and rage
Her tears were the key that came and set me free
One day when you see her again, give her thanks from you and me