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05-10-13, 12:20 PM
Hadn't updated in a while. DS is still not in school and don't see it happening this year so we have opted for a homebound teacher to get him caught up and pass this grade. Today is her 2nd day working with him and he's doing well. The first day started out rough, he was anxious and shut down on us but I worked with him for a little bit and then she gradually stepped in and it was fine. Today he started out with her no problems. She is a retired special ed teacher and does a great job with him. We only get 5 hrs a wk so we are shooting for her to come at least 3 days a week and best would be 5 days so he gets used to "doing school" each day. She can also administer his missed tests and quizzes so he gets some grades.

Math is really no problem and he happily does that but he doesn't like language arts and has put off doing most of that work so he is pretty behind. She does well to prod him and help him along. I can see that he struggles with this subject. They had to analyze poetry and make inferences and he really had a hard time. She was great to give him examples and encourage him. If he starts to shut down over reading something, she reads part of it for him and then encourages him.

This is very enlightening--I can see where a smaller class with more attention from the teacher would be very helpful for him. We have actually put down a deposit at a small private Christian school. The school was founded by homeschoolers and they use homeschool curriculum and approaches. They only have about 5 in each grade but they combine about 3 grades together. That means about 15 students ranging from 6th to 8th grade which kinda freaked him out but I think he'll be ok with it since he actually prefers older kids. It's very reasonal pricewise. The only thing we are really concerned about is it is fairly unstructured which can cause problems for him. BUT they do a lot of the teaching by doing small group projects which will keep him engaged.

Drs are considering adding a mood stabilizer like Risperdal which I'm not really keen on but they both said it would level out his anxiety and frustration and make him more receptive to the coping skills he needs to learn. They also said it would be short term like for 1 year. I don't know. Still thinking on this one.

05-10-13, 02:50 PM
Sometimes with poetry analysis I'm overwhelmed because I see so many possibilities of how to read something that I can't settle on "which one is important" or "which one do they want" or whatever.

I'm glad you've found someone who really helps your son.

05-10-13, 03:33 PM
Who's watching him the rest of the time? Did you have to take family leave? What will he do for the summer? The private school sounds promising, I hope it all works out for you.

My DS7 has been on Risperidone, a generic of Risperdal, for almost a year now, and the only side effect for him was that his appetite improved (basically it cancelled out the appetite suppression from the Adderall, so this was actually a welcome effect.) He recently had the bloodwork that is required periodically and it all came back ok.

Shortly after he started it, I noticed that he wasn't getting stuck in "worry cycles" anymore. It used to be that if something little happened while he was building a lego set, he would get spun up and repeat things over and over about how he was awful at legos and couldn't build anything, etc. Or if we told him that something had to wait until after dinner or the next day, he would go on and on about how he wasn't allowed to do it and no amount of reassurance that it was coming would console him. I didn't realize just how much he was perseverating on various topics until the medicine made it go away.

Our pdoc wants to experiment with reducing his dose now that things are so much better in his new school. It will be interesting to see whether the perseveration comes back.

05-10-13, 04:34 PM
I think we do better one on one learning.when i was 15 i broke my tibia so icouldnt go up 3flights of stairs plus i was afraid id get pushed down the stairs being it was a school for kids w learning n behavior problems.Too bad i hadnt been able to have had that tutor for the next four years.I would of went ontocollege.she calmly taught me geomotry where my normal teacher mumbled sighed and erased away mistAKES.SORRY FOR my typos my pc went down n im using my pos cell phone andits making it very difficult for me right now.

05-10-13, 04:49 PM
dvdnvwls, yes, literature can be quite difficult even for NTs. She really broke it down for him. He is so literal and can't always see the metaphors.

zette93, I am with him while he isn't in school. I did have to go on FMLA and am working about 15hrs a week at night and on wknds. Covers the insurance premiums and brings in a little money. Also, it seems my vacation is continuing to accrue which is good so I won't lose that. But I'm exhausted from getting only a couple of hrs of sleep a night during the week. For the summer, he will go to summer camp. I don't anticipate a problem there except for his impulsiveness and his poor relationship with his sister. She will be at the same camp for some of the summer but not the whole summer. He does much better when she isn't there. They pick at each other and he gets very angry with her. I really don't see him going to the regular middle school. The private school may be our best bet at this point.

rebelyell, yes, I think we ALL do better one on one and especially ADHD people. She was very patient with him even when he got off task. She just redirected him, gave him a little prod with a bit of the answer/solution and back to it he went. :)

05-16-13, 11:28 AM
He continues to do well with the homebound teacher. He is catching up on missed assignments. Now we are trying to catch up missed quizzes/tests which are more difficult. We have not been provided all of the information from the lectures so there are questions he can't answer. The homebound teacher is working with me to get any missing notes and I am going to review the info with DS. Some of these tests were given over a month ago and even if he knew it then, he doesn't remember now. :( But we will get through it.

He also has to take End of Grade Tests which are next wk but he will probably take them the following week. He can take them here but we all prefer he go to school for them. He will get a private room to take them. They probably won't have any additional "homework" for him next week so hopefully we can get the missed tests caught up then.

05-16-13, 12:00 PM
I'm glad to hear things are going better and your son is able to learn and
absorb new knowledge now.

05-17-13, 06:06 AM
Jen, that is very encouraging. :)
How's your DH doing with all this?

05-23-13, 04:58 PM
We are going crazy trying to get everything caught up. This week we will have been at the school 2 days for special education testing, the homebound teacher was here 2 days and one day was for Dr appt. The next two weeks will be going to school for end of grade tests, trying to get the last of the graded work completed and again dr. appts. I will be so happy when school is out! I just hope he settles into summer camp ok after being home for so long. I HAVE to go back to work.

Lynne, DH is ok with the homebound teacher I think. He stayed home today so I could go to work for a presentation (which got postponed!) and he said DS worked well with her and she was really good with him. I think it was good for him to see what DS is doing with her. At least he hopefully will pass to 6th grade, wherever he ends up going.

He still makes comments like, "I just can't believe we are doing all of this for such a little thing" --meaning the anxiety is the little thing. He just doesn't get it. I think he needs to take DS to his pyschologist appt too and discuss his feelings with him. A couple of weeks ago I took up most of the session time because I was so frustrated. The Dr said he could tell when I walked in that I needed support that day and was happy to give it to me and wished I could get more at home. DH just doesn't understand why DS can't just "push through it". I don't know if he'll ever understand it having not gone through this type of anxiety himself. He's not very empathetic and he gets angry about my having to take unpaid leave and work nights and weekends. But he hasn't been willing to make any concessions himself so........