View Full Version : How busy is this UK section ?

02-07-05, 07:30 PM
I'm really interested in discussing stuff with other people but I find the main forums a bit overwhelming - far too much info to wade through and keep up with. It would be nice to join a forum where theres a few uk regulars to chat to. Does this area get used much ?

02-08-05, 01:47 AM
Don't forget that in your user cp options you can change how old the post are that are displayed. Maybe there has been activity that isn't showing up for you.

But if you post they will come.. :)

02-08-05, 04:35 AM
well non of these global bits seem very active. Im from england, escaped it though, now im miles away from that place. Which county you in if i may ask..?

02-08-05, 02:41 PM
I"m in Canda but I don't know about MrDog.

02-09-05, 06:15 PM
I'm from the UK - Born in Leeds, now live in Skipton.

02-11-05, 09:13 AM
It does seem remarkebly quiet around here.


02-11-05, 11:48 AM
This is an indication that your long and detailed posts are required. :D
Cheers! Ian.

02-11-05, 12:36 PM
by all means liven up this section by posting some threads that are relative to ADD and the UK.

02-17-05, 06:07 PM
Hi Mr Dog,
I see that you're living in Skipton. I'm from Silsden, but now live in London. I came here to see whether the UK forum had got any busier, but it doesn't appear to have!

Re-assuring to know that there are other ADDers down the Aire Valley ;-) (no offence intended).


02-17-05, 07:51 PM
Hi, I've just started posting on a few ADD forums, It's good that there seems to be more around now for the UK than a few years ago. I started reading up on ADD around 1996, as I had been having problems with jobs and socialising for years, and this was (and still is) making me pretty depressed and frustrated. I've had a few go's at getting treatment, but the psychiatrists I was referred to dismissed it on the spot, and just treated me for Anxiety/depression.

02-18-05, 08:13 PM
Hi folks, I've had a few cans of cider tonight from Bargain Booze to loosen me up, I hope this forum gets lively soon as it seems the easiest to use.

I suspect the fact it is extremely hard to find from the front page doesn't help?

Come on UK ADDers, let's bookmark this UK page and get it buzzin' :D

08-24-05, 02:52 PM
Hiya folks... Karen ADDer here in Coventry UK...

I've been posting in the ADD Forums for a few days now, but i'm not getting acknowledged.... as much as i've tried to get involved.
I want to make new Friends ; That understand what i'm going through.

Does anyone fancy chatting online somewhere?

Karen :)

05-22-06, 09:18 AM
This u.k forum is not busy enough, so come on all you u.k adders sign up and let's get chatting!! :)

07-01-06, 01:32 AM
it's true.. i've been posting on this forum for a little while.. not that long.. only a few weeks.. and have just found this uk bit.
I've just moved to brighton where its a little more accepting than norfolk. However in norfolk i started having some counseling and the counselor was really into cbt which was great, has 8 sessions and it's definitely going to be part of the solution. It's 18 months waiting list for cbt here.
I'm posting on at least one different thread about having just started the dore program, i'm excited..
Am i right in thinking that adult adhd is quite a new concept in the uk and so more and more adults will be getting diagnosed round about now....

09-14-06, 05:34 AM
Hi, I'm a newbie, undiagnosed but trying to get a referral...this is my first stop - finally realised I do'nt have to live like this....I'm not very hopeful now after reading everyone's diagnosis stories though, lol.

Anyway - another one to add to your list!


11-24-06, 02:56 PM
Hi, i got diagnosed this summer in wales. Any other adders living in Wales, or anyone in the uk that wants to chat?

11-25-06, 09:23 AM
This is interesting