View Full Version : Abuse of Command VFW Quartermaster relieved of post does nothing for my file in 3 yrs

Blanched Dubois
05-13-13, 12:45 AM
He did, however, take the keys to my house in Nov,2011, the pink slip to the camaro my husband built and left for his son when he was 21 and said 'not to worry and get in that hot tub and sun' while he did nothing but enjoy what I left behind. My life.

My child suffering from 6 mos to 11th grade from painful GI problems / Agent Orange related symptoms and ADD/PTSD and Broad Spectrum disorders as I begged my 'advocate' to help at different times of my son's worsening crisis from 2008-2010 and he did nothing but say 'he'll be ok'. My ADHD already long diagnosed just got worse and worse. Never once did he comment on my increasingly distraught behavior or share any care. No one did.

I did all the paperwork and got none of it filed. He did not inform me of the changes to the Ptsd ischemic heart disease update in legislation so i could appeal that claim and when I mentioned it to him today he said 'you left' but that was a year later. The man abused his command and honor of the US Military that he represents as Quartermaster for a VFW Post of which he was relieved and didn't tell me until yesterday.

I asked the Attorney I retained to handle the submission of my Loan Modification to please refer me for help in this matter so some Officer of the Military can take back the key to my house.

What more is there to say. I'm lucky I looked for an Attorney that handles the VA and real estate and elder law last week? Someone I'm getting billed by and paying for that I just realized should be a service afforded me by some 'advocacy group' because of my widow's pension and how we're all disabled - how ironic.