View Full Version : tingling in spine - cracks n pops - burning -

Blanched Dubois
05-13-13, 12:17 PM
side effects of everything

add meds still have me mildly hyperactive - distracted- but i think/feel i must just stop and let a month go by and let pdoc lead me

i do want the desoxyn script for smoother effect - i have way too much to handle and only just came out of 5 yr fugue i just figured out - an inordinate amount of life stressors that a 'normal' human would be incapable of dealing with at this magnitude

Neck cracks when i move- spine tingling - always have to get up and down cus if i stay typing on computer ( all my work is done here ) it worsens stenosis

overwhelmed and unable to read too much still ....2 weeks may not be enough time on make any clear diagnosis.....however going to ask pdoc who's got a call in to me about it becuz i have my 2 week refill for thursday...all of 'it' feels like more than I or my kid can or want to handle

so grief is pretty immense in the backround....a lot of flashbacks...i try to just witness....let it go....feeling up and down on Dex Barr ir - not at all smooth enough for me considering ptsd and med for that doesn't do much but foggy thinking

this is why i avoided dealing with the ADD to begin with but i see that did hurt me in the end....just as not being hospitalized after car wreck that caused spinal injury because of mommydearest not caring about me but her totalled car

so perhaps emotions are affecting all of it - and the best I can do is accept this will take time....i feel good that at least my son's got his formal diagnosis but even that adds more stress - he's totally dependent on me and is not easy to handle

i want to trade lives with someone who's biggest decision of the day is what to wear. Whining to myself....angry....thru the ringer and back again

to function - meh....i want a day off and the ability to relax without having to deal with back, business, meds, kid, dogs, etc!!!! ( vent over ty )