View Full Version : Help Raise ADD/ADHD Awareness In NC

02-08-05, 03:18 AM
I have ADHD & have been having a horrible time finding a Dr. in NC that is aware that ADHD exists beyond childhood. To help raise awareness in the NC mountains & foothills I have started this support group. (We are also looking for a sponsor to help with group activities.) Feel free to add this resource to your collection and/or come and join us!
Here is the group info:
I would like to invite you or anyone you know to visit our new local support group and join us to "Meet, Greet & Grow" together! Feel free to visit us anytime for support or friendship. Come help us raise awareness about ADD/ADHD in NC mountains & foothills & the surrounding area(s)! We are a laid back group that is understanding and compassionate. REMEMBER .. Everyone is different & Everyone is welcome here(adults with ADHD are also encouraged to join)! (
Morganton ADD/ADHD Meet, Greet & Grow Group!