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05-16-13, 09:16 PM
Modeling ADHD-type arousal with unilateral frontal cortex damage in rats and beneficial effects of play therapy.


It has been recently shown that human adolescents with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) have frontal lobe deficits, especially on the right sides of their brains (). ADHD is commonly treated with psychostimulants which may have adverse consequences. Hence, less invasive therapies need to be developed. In the present work, we tested the ability of right frontal lesions to induce hyperactivity in rats. We also evaluated the effects of chronic play therapy during early adolescence to reduce both hyperactivity and the elevated playfulness later in development. Play therapy was able to reduce both hyperactivity and excessive playfulness. In additional work, we found that access to rough-and-tumble play in normal animals could enhance subsequent behavioral indices of behavioral inhibition (i.e., freezing in response to a startle stimulus) that appeared to be independent of increased fearfulness and fatigue. Overall, these results suggest that (1) neonatal frontal lobe lesions can be used as an animal model of the overactivity in ADHD and (2) rough-and-tumble play therapy may be a new useful treatment for ADHD.

05-16-13, 09:42 PM
The Right Orbitofrontal Cortex

"The right orbitofrontal cortex,

which for the sake of brevity we will call the OFC,

has connections with virtually every other part of the cortex.

It also has rich connections with lower brain structures,

where the body's internal physiological states are controlled and monitored,

and where the most primitive and powerful emotions such as fear and rage are generated.

It is at the center of the brain's reward and motivation apparatus and contains more of the reward chemicals associated with pleasure and joy--dopamine and endorphins--than most any other area of the cortex."

-Gabor Mate M.D., Scattered: "The Footprints Of Infancy", P 78.


05-16-13, 10:05 PM
Impaired Visual-Spatial Orientation

"Via its connections with vision centers of the cortex,

the OFC plays a role in visual-spatial orientation,

the locating of objects in space.

When visual-spatial orientation is impaired,

a person tends to bump his head a lot or run into people unseeingly and have difficulty following physical directions--all features of ADD I am intimately familiar with."

-Gabor Mate M.D., Scattered: "The Footprints Of Infancy", P 78.


05-16-13, 10:25 PM

"..the right OFC interprets the emotional content of the communication--the other person's body language,eye movements and tone of voice."

"The OFC has a major role in the control of attention.

From all the information about the external environment and internal body states entering our brain,

the OFC helps to pick out what to focus on.

While the explicit meaning of words spoken is analyzed in the left hemisphere,

the right OFC interprets the emotional content of the communication--the other person's body language,

eye movements and tone of voice.

It carries out a constant and instaneous computation of the emotional significance of situations.

It is deeply concerned with the assessment of relationships between the self and others.

According to a number of studies,

it is "dominant for the processing, expression,

and regulation of emotional information." (*note)"

(*note) -Allan N Schore , "Affect Regulation and Origin of Self", P 195.

-Gabor Mate M.D., Scattered: "The Footprints Of Infancy", P 78-79

05-16-13, 10:42 PM
"..helping to inhibit the lower centers in the brain where urgent emotional drives originate."

The OFC also functions in impulse control,

helping to inhibit the lower centers in the brain where urgent emotional drives originate.

When it is working smoothly,

it can delay emotional reactions long enough to allow mature,

more sophisticated responses to emerge.

When its connections are disrupted,

it lacks this capacity.

At such times primitive,

unprocessed emotions will flood our minds,

overwhelm our thinking processes and control our behavior.

-Gabor Mate M.D., Scattered: "The Footprints Of Infancy", P 79

05-16-13, 11:06 PM
Right hemisphere is specialized in spatial & holistic tasks (representational hemisphere)-

- the right hemisphere is known to superior in representational and visuospatial functions, in perception and discrimination of musical tones and speech intonations, in emotional responses, and in appreciating humor and metaphor.

In broad terms, the right-hemisphere functions are holistic and spatial (hence it is labeled the "artistic" or "representational" hemisphere).

Despite these functional divisions, under normal conditions, and especially with regard to global, cognitive, and adaptive functions (memory, learning), the brain functions as a whole, utilizing the capacities of its different parts in concert.

Kapit/Macey/Meisami, The Physiology Coloring Book: Laterality, Language & Cortical Specialization, Nervous System, P 111.

05-17-13, 03:50 AM
So -
right OFC / hemisphere - important in visuo-spatial information (external world) <- ADDer bad at this
-> evolves in properly human to ->
right OFC / hemisphere - important in 'social' communication

The standard IQ test apparently includes verbal and spatial tests - and many, many members ADDF:Speedo/TygerSan/myself - have described high functioning in verbal relative to visuo-spatial (low functioning) ... ... ...

So what's going on ?

They're both right functions - they should both be broken.

No - visuo-spatial relates to external world (where animal's live) .... ... words relate to the internal world/social communication - the new model of reality for man with mind.

So -
right OFC / hemisphere - important in visuo-spatial information (external world) <- ADDer bad at this
-> evolves in properly human to ->
right OFC / hemisphere - important in 'social' communication
Presumably visuo-spatial information AND 'social' communication activate reward.

ADDers aren't getting sufficient reward (need to supplement) -
possible reason - absent 'social' communication.

So - a disorder of lack of reward through absent social reward ??
Once again - societal infrastructure is identified as the source of disorder.

So - no reward from visuo-spatial information - and no reward from 'social' communication - we live in a fundamentally stupid, competitive world - we are required to supplement.

Absent reward - permanent state of arousal - tendency towards hyperactivity/inattention - stress-backed disorders -
stress-backed disorders given rise to by virtue of inadequate reward being felt, in the course of normal life.

So ... ... imagine ... ... alcoholic damages reward system - intolerant/resistant to reward - needs to drink more alcohol to stop the 'bad' feelings from coming on.

In the case of ADDer - we're optimised to working collaboratively - experiencing reward from others - through the obvious mechanism of collaboration achieving so, so much more (a greater sense of personal reward) - than the external world (food) can.

So - didn't like the way I connected visuo-spatial --- external world --- material world --- food activation of reward system ... ... but it makes sense.

ADDers are geared towards feeling an actual sense of reward from social behaviour - but the reward can't be obtained by feigning ... ... people pretending to do the right/social 'thing' for your benefit ... ... we've a deeper level of intuition - which derives a sense of reward from truly projected social behaviours from others - towards our own self benefit.

05-17-13, 04:45 AM
Just trying to make that idea better.

The outside world isn't particularly important to human beings - it has to be there (unpolluted etc) - but that's about it; as of mind - we shifted away from the outside world being key - and into an internal model of reality - where what we think is key.
What's important to man is understanding how it 'all' came about - this is the basis of science - to generate an explanatory model; but it's not because we 'care' as such ... ... it's that we're required to do it ... before moving on - and separating ourselves from the animal reward system (material world reward system).
Now - the explanatory model is internal (of the mind) but derives, at least in part - from the outside world - the material world/scientific observation; however as we merrily go about collecting data to make internal sense of the world we live in - we ignore the fact that everything we see/hear etc is 'filtered' - and so the sensory world of observations which we're collating and making sense of in science - is already disturbed by an internal recoding - which we mistake for external reality. But surely that's a minimal level of internal recoding ? and we can simply accept that what we're observing is actually what's going on in the external, outside world ... ... no - we can't ... ... the grand error of our senses comes in, when we consider the holonomic model of reality - a holograph in a a holograph - would get completely the wrong impression of reality - much like a person sitting on a moving roundabout - whilst the world spins at exactly the speed of a roundabout - 'd appear to be one static (both observer and observed) reality.
People generally use the term 'the promised land' to indicate a place in the external world which they'd like to get to (connection to visuo-spatial facility) - but it's not a place in the external world, which we are required to journey to - but a place of holistic understanding in the internal world.
This place is called wisdom - and arises when we can throw all information available - at the mind - and the mind 'understands' it all - can make sense of it all; note that any prediposition with the external world - 'd just get in the way of clarifying the mind. Also - that the generation of this type of mind (which is globally logically consistent) doesn't automatically trigger feelings of euphoria - that all that it does - is to make the individual - at junction between empathy and global logically consistent - enforcedly social.
What does that mean ? The state of wisdom is a state of morality - whereby, the individual now fixed to morality (by virtue of mind) - is still required to obtain reward - and reward is obtained socially.
How ? Return to the idea of selfish versus social (anterior cingulate cortex) reward.
So - ADDers're predisposed to social reward from day 1 ... ... are impeded in obtainign reward from the previous paradigm (animal, material world, competition) ... ... and we return to the basic idea, I'm using - which is that the ADDer's vastly heightened verbal (social communication), metaphor, humour 'score' relative to visuo-spatial - relates to a funamental shift in what floats our boat.
Now this transition from pre-wisdom to wisdom occurs as the individual sheds the materialism (external world) paradigm and replaces it with a reward mechanism which does not require the material world for activation (by that I mean, we transcend the world of real/chemical factors eg meat and potato pies).
ADDers - lacking in visuo-spatial skills and gifted in social communication - appear to have jumped on up - from an external world reward system - to an internal world reward system.
This needs to be activated - but can't be - in the world of vicious competition in which we live.

So - ADDer doesn't derive required reward from true social communication - we have an inbuilt sensor which recognizes properly social communication - and in the absence of reward which should be forthcoming for free - but isn't - in a world with a societal infrastructure which prevents people from 'caring' for one another ... ... the ADDer experiences the same behaviour as eg the alcoholic sinking further into alcoholism - that is - the need for more 'artificial' reward.
So - this idea feeds nicely back into the definite connection between stress and ADD behaviours of inattention/hyperactivity - which are both definitely stress reactions - with the only additional factor being - that the stress reactions are being fired through absence of 'social' level reward.


Even easier expression of this idea.

We all need reward.
ADDers need to take reward in a pill form.
We take reward in a pill because we're not getting it from normal life.
The clue to ADDers and stimulant medication can be found in the idea that stimulant medicine calms us down and doesn't speed us up.
Similarly - the ADDer knows that trying harder makes 'things' worse for us - a classical stress response - trying harder is like pressing hardd down on the accelerator in neutral - we go nowhere fast.
So ... ... we're looking at a stress-response fired off from lack in a reward system activation on a level which we're primed to obtain reward in.
We're not primed to derive reward from the external/physical reward [ADDer visuo-spatial weakness] - but are primed to derive reard from properly social communication/information (music)/deep understanding [ADDer verbal strength] ... ...
In the absence of reward from other people/social communication in altruistic collaborative working ... we exhibit classical self-medication/medication behaviours which represent material world addictions - which like all addictions - generate tolerance.
There is one 'get out of jail' card though - and I believe that even in the absence of a properly societal infrastructure - it people attempt to behave socially (and of course fail because societal infrastructure won't allow it) - then wisdom/pair-bond formation can lift us out of the need for deriving social reward from interactions with other people - in a sense - we may obtain social reward just by virtue of being pair-bonded.
So - simply attempting to do the moral thing - although it may result in much pain - and as a mind of understanding is built - and pair-bond completion occurs - the individual is freed from the need for 'willy-nilly' social reward - with reward system activation occurring through either enlightenment (material world detachment must require that a new reward system has taken its place) or through pair-bond (exactly as seen in the prairie vole).

05-17-13, 05:02 AM
Trying to break this idea.

What don't I like ?
I don't like simultaneously striving to be moral, simultaneously striving to attain understanding and simultaneously striving to pair-bond.

Why ?
Well - striving to be moral sounds like a given ... ... I don't think that there's anybody around who thinks that striving to be immoral is the right thing to do - however, that isn't to say that in the absence of a properly constructed mind - that the individual won't believe that immoral behaviours are moral.
So - to illustrate - everything to do with money is immoral - and yet there are no doubt people who handle money - who believe that their application of money is moral - absolutely wrong.

OK - so that's morality handled - why don't you like enlightenment AND pair-bonding ?
The nice thing about enlightenment is that it allows people who don't have a partner to achieve freedom from material world attachment.

But !
Since - evolution has only the generation of increased informational complexity in mind - it wouldn't serve its purposes for people to segregrate into male and female groups (eg in monasteries) - attain enlightenment and die early; there'd be no human beings being produced - to generate increasing complexity - the species 'd die out.

So - you're suggesting that pair-bonding without enlightenment should be possible as a means of loss of material world attachment ?
Grrr! The problem is - is that if the individual becomes addicted to the typical material world attachments (money, power, alcohol, meat and potato pies) - then pair-bondign can't occur ... ... so at the very least, we need 'humility', 'personal enquiry and application of morality' to support pair-bond formation ... ... that is - that we need to take the social path to pair-bond ... ... in order to generate an internally sensitive neuroendocrine environment - which can be activated when pair-bond formation occurs.

So - are you suggesting that enlightenment is an absolute precursor to pair-bond formation ?
No - we could suggest it'd be a belt and braces approach - but what's absolutely required is a personal enquiry/application of morality/strengthening of one's own access to feeling social reward (this can be considered the 'giving is better than receiving' model) - prior to pair-bond formation being able to occur.

But, but, but - with wisdom through the process of natural science - you'll get there anyway ... ... so why not use the belt and braces approach ?
Well - I guess we should ... ... but - just to re-iterate - that I don't think that it's necessary - just a developed sense of morality, genuine striving to do the socially appropriate thing, humility - which all, to be fair, arise together.
Generating a model of mind (wisdom) 'd just be the cherry on top.

So - natural science / understanding isn't an end in itself - no - it's simply part of the mechanism by which we can separate off from damaging, anti-social behaviours ... ... an alternative to pair-bond formation - though why ? not do all three - you won't go far wrong if you've a natural science based holistic education (understanding), a finely developed sense of morality (and its application) and a pair-bond in formation/completion.


Ultimately - the ADDer is gifted in our ease of formation of mind of understanding (more elegant use of language) - 'fast-track' in on generation of complete - globally internally and externally logically consistent mind
- that this explains our switch from visuo-spatial reward to verbal reward paradigm
- that all we need to do, is go with it ... ... and we'll find - ourselves - freed from the animal world reward system ... .. in time!

05-17-13, 05:12 AM
We're born into slavery - and need to work at it to attain freedom.

What people do in the world we have, currently, is work to become ever greater enslaved by materialism (more items to look after, greater status through public display of wealth, titles) - making the work which people do - their own active election - unthinking sheeple-type acceptance of societal norms as proper
- the individual taking the road to Hades (paved with good intentions) of his/her own volition.

Social or Selfish (money) - there is actually no choice.


Where does ADHD come into this ?

Simply the emergence of a social organism - corrupted by a viciously corrupt societal infrastructure into nasty addictions (only the psychopath'd be expected to be free from stress in the world that we have currently) - all of which can be solved by dissolving the need for money to survive and rolling out a form of education which explains - simply - how reality is generated from a fundamental substrate which undergoes evolution - the evolutionary-able noumenological projecting the phenomenological world - an exponential progression based around layered structure formation
- completion in one level resulting in commencement of subsequent level - and so the progression continues ... ...
'reality' does have a creator - but one can consider this creator to be the blind watchmaker with just 1 Braile pattern.