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05-17-13, 11:31 AM

I am 28 and have had a history of problematic Autistic Spectrum, Dyspraxia, ADD and slight narcolepsy for most of my life.

I feel I would very much benefit from being medicated with Modafinil/Adderral/Ritalin etc... Even if for short periods to get me over massive impossible hurdles I have in my life, due to a life time of tangling knots and falling behind.

But being in the UK, it is very unlikely that will happen. I have asked GP's about this sort of thing before and they have been totally dumbstruck. They have not got a clue in this area, there is no 'tradition' or knowledge amongst British GP's for prescribing this sort of thing. And there is no such thing as an Educational Psychologist, or any Psychologist in fact to be referred to within the NHS 'mental services' which is purely psychiatry for depression/anxiety/psychosis type disorders and nothing else.

I have not approached my current GP about it, and I want to hold back for a long time. Because I am working through some unrelated problems with them and dont want them to think I am a hypochondriac!

One of these other things is "Post Infectious IBS" - a digestive/bowel problem I have which was caused by a bout of dysentery.

Something they offerred me as a solution was Amitriptyline. I recoiled in horror when I heard it. As this is a drug my mother was on for decades, which we all think caused some pretty big problems to her health and also screwed me up somewhat too, as she took it during her pregnancy.

But she was on pretty big doses, and it was combined with "Trifluoperazine"

I was offered a small dose, but hearing it still scared the **** out of me. But I have since been thinking, perhaps this may actually help with my cognitive function?

Considering I was exposed to pretty large doses during my gestation, perhaps my brain was built around a requirement for it?

Maybe I should try it?

But then I am terrified of taking anything that creates artificial, chemically stimulated happiness. I consider that to be a very unhealthy thing. I like to gain any joy, from actual real world stuff. If I am to be medicated, I would like those drugs to help me focus, concentrate, remember, perhaps be more confident, so I can "be productive" untangle knots, get out there and do things and appreciate the world.

Not sit at home being pacified by happy pills.