View Full Version : my friend abuses benzos and alcohol. did I do the right thing?

05-23-13, 08:45 AM
I have a friend, she's an older lady ( well older to me, I guess she's about late 40s) who is an alcoholic and abuses her klonopins.

Last evening she called me, said she had some jeans for me. So I headed over with the intent on smoking cigarettes and BS'ing with her since she didn't sound drunk on the phone.

I get there, she is drinking beer and admitted to me that she just took 25 klonopins.

I asked her how she is even standing, let alone still alive. I told her to sit on the couch, that I was going out to my car because I forgot my lighter.

I called 911, told them what my friend said she did and I left.

I don't even know if she was telling the truth, as she was drinking when I got there, but then again didn't sound like it when I talked to her over the phone earlier.

I don't know what happened, if they took her to the hospital, if she lied to me or the EMTs about taking the 25 klonopins.

As a former benzo addict myself, I know I need to stay away from her, but she's never tempted me to abuse anything. I feel sorry for her if anything, her brother has a tumor and is in the hospital and her sister just found out she has cancer.

I am worried about her. She is all alone, the family she does have is ill, and she doesn't really have any friends.

I'm afraid to call her, afraid she will b**** me out for calling EMTs if they didn't take her in.

Blanched Dubois
05-23-13, 09:25 AM
You're doing a good thing for someone who has no family to care for her or friends. I think you did the right thing. You obviously care for her as a human being. That's rare. I would have done the same thing. I would stay away from her. You called and did what you knew was right for someone obviously very unhappy and maybe you helped her, maybe not. At this point, if it were me, I'd stay away and create new friends that don't need that kind of attention or 'help'. Good luck.

05-23-13, 01:37 PM
You did the right thing.

And yes, it's possible to drink alcohol and take 20 klonopins and still be coscious.

05-23-13, 01:49 PM
If she's ****** or not, you did the right thing. When you aren't sure, it always better to call 911. She might be fine this time, but what if she wasn't? You never know, right? And you can't be expected to exactly know if she needs help or not since you aren't a medic. You did what a good friend would do and I hope she will appreciate that.

Even if she didn't need emergency services, it might be wake up call for her to realise how extreme and concerning her actions are viewed by a friend.

05-23-13, 02:16 PM
Considering you probably saved her life, I would say you did the right thing.

05-23-13, 02:50 PM
The worry you're feeling now, is better than the worry you would have felt if you had left and not done anything.

05-24-13, 04:38 AM
You would have felt much worse if she went into respiratory distress because you were worried about her being angry with you.

05-29-13, 07:10 AM
Even though i hate using the phone, I called my friend last night and didn't get any answer. I wish she would let me know she's ok, even if she is mad at me.

05-29-13, 07:59 AM
Sorry to hear that, Raye.

Blanched Dubois
05-29-13, 09:53 AM
Even though i hate using the phone, I called my friend last night and didn't get any answer. I wish she would let me know she's ok, even if she is mad at me.

I have a similar situation with a friend in another state. I just send a message of care. To let 'em know we're here and we care. Sometimes, that's the best any of us can do. You're being a good person to someone who needs help but maybe isn't ready for it. Take care of yourself. Doing that shows others it can be done. Good for you, raye.