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05-26-13, 04:12 PM
I was sober before for a long time. I slipped again recently on opiates and afraid of withdrawal. I haven't had an opiate addiction for 13 years. Heres the past week.
Wednesday I made the dumb decision to get an 8mg Dilaudid. (which Ive never done before) I broke it into 4 pieces and snorted them every 3 hours of so through the whole night. I really didn't sleep, cant sleep on these things.
Thursday I got 2 and same thing, broke into 4's and did all eight by the next day at like 3PM.
Friday night got 5 more and been snorting them in 1/4's since. I want to stop and realize the only way this heads but Im afraid of withdrawel.
Do you think I'll withdraw from this? At the very least I know I'll be depressed and hopeless for a few days. My ears are open to any suggestions.

05-26-13, 04:15 PM
I know very little of addiction. Do you have a sponsor? How old are you?

05-27-13, 05:55 AM
yes, if you have had addiction or abuse issues before then you will experience withdrawals. Do you have someone who can help you find treatment? With addiction and substance abuse it is not the substance thats involved,its the habits,rituals, and behaviors of the person using that matters. It sounds like if you were clean in the past, perhaps you didnt get the support from an addiction specialist or even some 12 step program to help you stay sober.

05-28-13, 01:34 PM
I'm 36yr clean N sober, with miles of experience, yet I worry to address this thread,
Hello Noah yore mention of dilaudid reminded me of Qualuds N now I'm tryin to remember some other's silly hu? for me it was how the booze allowed me to be
"normal"? N being fearfull of coming down is great if a person can remember IT
before takin the booze or drug. Ive been in your state the one your in right now
and never forgetting that state has helped me to stay clean N sober. because there
are consequenses, to N for our actions, your O.K. your reachin out N that's good
(if its not an attention getter)lolol Ya just need a hug and a somewhat gentle kik
in the butt. this time you get to fix your mistake, so grab the phone N get in touch
with NA-AA-DRUG n ALCOHOL ABUSE or whoever N never forget where ya came from or
the how N why ya got there or PM me maybe I can help.

05-28-13, 01:44 PM
OO yea Noah there is an old saying among recovered folk "before the Drinkin N the Using, comes the Thinkin and Excuse using"

05-31-13, 11:44 PM
Hey man, sorry to hear what you are going through.

I doubt you will go through any withdrawal from one slip up. Your body does remember what it went through and builds tolerance quicker every time but I'm sure it would take a 7 or 8 day binge to get you physically hooked again.

I was, and still sort of am addicted to opiates. What I did was switch to taking kratom. It's not an opiate but it works on the MU receptors and creates an opiate like feeling. That being said, it is addictive but it is a natural plant, lowers your blood pressure and is packed with antioxidants.

There most certainly is withdrawal from it but it isn't as bad as even a mild Vicodin withdrawal. I wouldn't suggest being an idiot like me and staying on it for a whole year but it can most definitely help you through the physical stuff and maybe the first week or so of PAWS.

If you go any longer you can expect a 100% safe, but cold, clammy, depressing withdrawal. It may have saved my life. I was getting close to or exceeding my max dosage of acetaminophen daily for the last couple months of my use.

I was clean for 4 months and I was still pretty deep in PAWS so I decided to take the natural route instead of going back to pills and junk.

I'm actually weening myself from Kratom now. Just know it's a safer alternative than true opiates but it isn't fun to be dependent on anything other than air, water and food. It would do good as a slip up option if you start to feel weak, but don't do it habitually.