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05-27-13, 12:39 AM
I thought this was a nice, short read with a good list of suggestions. It's intended for classroom teachers but could easily be used by a parent homeschooling or as a list of suggestions to discuss with a classroom teacher.

05-27-13, 09:35 AM
Another good list of strategies for school work.

05-27-13, 11:01 AM
Nice to see 'mind maps' and other alternative learning methods being mentioned on the CADDAC website (see link on my previous post) as a possible intervention/help for children with ADHD/Dyslexia.

I mentioned these methods a few months ago on this sections 'sticky' at the top of the page entitled 'Successful homework strategies for ADHD or LD'.

Are these techniques used in your schools and if so do they help?

06-12-13, 04:19 PM
Another set of recommendations/strategies for Adhd children. (

06-27-13, 03:03 AM
Another webpage with useful strategies for the Adhd/Dyslexic child.

06-27-13, 03:10 PM
Another set of recommendations/strategies for Adhd children. (
Adduce, these are very good, and in a nicely laid-out format. Thanks for posting... :)

07-04-13, 07:58 AM
Hope I'm not posting too much on this thread.

Anyway, found another article which you may find interesting. (

07-04-13, 09:27 AM
And an engaging set of ideas for a successful planning strategy in the run up to important examinations for ages 15-16 (and above).

Althouth it's aimed at school students with dyslexia, it is I'm sure just as useful for adhd students and anyone else for that matter. (