View Full Version : bipolar and or adhd which is which?

05-28-13, 12:30 AM
hi my name is Joan and I am diagnosed with bipolar disorder and schizoid effectiveness. I also, throughout my childhood and until my twenties was diagnosed with add and having adhd. although, I also, have a classifying disorder that does a rotation of a Ninety degree turn. I am starting to thing this rotation has turned and or, leaned towards more add in my fourty's now. Rather than bipolat . although, I still have bipolar and schizoid effectiveness manic depression and lows depressed. As well as schizoid effectiveness which is called by my pharmaceutical MD doctor terms as used auditorial hullicinations. I believe I have a disorder but, however, I have to ask further to my doctor and ask if anyone's felt with a ninety degree rotation in having two disorders then turning to another. as I sometimes feel this is happening to me. bipolar and schizoid effectiveness then turning a loop to add and ache. this I feel happens to me a lot. but, do not have the answers and need to find out by my doctor about my own disorders. but, wondered if any one deals with this. dual diagnosis and then ninety degree turn on a third disorder maybe might have had as a child or, young adult. thank you and just also introducing myself my name is Joan and it is nice to be hear and be with all.