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05-30-13, 07:04 AM
I wrote this poem a few years ago, shortly after starting my ADHD medicine. The last couple lines refer to that.

Poem Catching

Poems! Oh my gosh! Poems!
Thereís a proliferation of poems inside my head.
I try to catch them with a net
But they flit and flirt, eluding my grasp.

I see one near by, teasing me with its detail.
The vibrant color, the perfect symmetry
shine in my mindís eye;
its beauty transfixes me.
All at once I see the truth
that it dangles before me
I reach out and swing, stretch,
dart around in its pursuit!
But as quickly as it came, it joins its brethren,
blurring into the flurry of poetry.

Oh dear! They are lifeforms!
One begets another, and another, and another.
When I see one, I imagine how it will
develop into a truth more poignant;
When I see two, I imagine how they will
mix into a form more beautiful.
And by my imagining, it is so:
They grow and procreate, more and more,
till my every sense is clouded
by the swarms of poems!

Then one day someone gave me a bigger net.
I caught one, took it home, nurtured and cherished it
And called it Poem-Catching.