View Full Version : Vegetables in large quantities help my adhd tremendously

05-30-13, 07:41 PM
I laughed at how few threads their were here but I wanted to just give my own case report of the power of veggies on the brain.

I tried a raw food diet for a little while, well wasn't realy a diet as I still eat cooked things but I just added raw veggies which I blended up as smoothies and drank 3 times a day with meals. I stopped it after a month mainly because the taste was disgusting but I looked back recently and thought about how much more focused and intelligent I was then. It was like my brain was working at peak levels and my meds seemed to work better too.

I decided to add veggies again and i've noticed an improvement. Whether it's placebo, I dunno but I tend to not fall very well for placebos as I never really have faith in anything I try lol I generally psych myself out into believing it's not working versus the latter. It's only when I look back retrospectively that I see it was doing some good.

I've also read around a bit on some studies conducted which show that high amounts of veggies do help adhd and also that veggies boost dopamine in the system. Don't quote me on it and certainly do your own research but either way I don't see what their is to lose in trying it.

Even if it doesn't work for adhd it will make you healthier in the long run regardless.

05-30-13, 08:41 PM
Eating more vegetables is going to help. It's not necessarily easy to predict in exactly what way, but there are so many advantages and no disadvantages. (Well, OK, go easy on the raw broccoli if you're planning to sit beside me later.) :)

Just eating the vegetables is better than blending them. But eating them somehow is better than not eating them at all.