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05-31-13, 06:38 AM
When I went to the neurologist yesterday, I was totally floored when I got weighed. I wanted to cry on the spot.

Thank gosh I don't have a full body size mirror, or I'd be throwing up.

I have gained a massive amount of weight since last Oct.

I dont know why- I don't over eat or pig out on junk.

Just a year ago I could fit comfortably into a size 8.

Now I don't even wear jeans anymore, just loose fitting jersey pants.

Could it be all the different meds I've tried??

I look and feel like a f****** cow.

05-31-13, 07:13 AM
Sigh, I know the feeling. :grouphug:

I think, some meds do cause weight gain. It's worth discussing this with you doctor.

Or have you been exercising or moving around less? Eating different kinds of food.

I've never been a size 8. My size fluctuates between 10 and 18. :doh:

Oh, I just realised that US clothes sizes are different, so a size 8 is a size 10 here. Yippee :D so I have been an US size 8 (never for long though :()

I've seen your pics Raye. Even if you've put on a ton of weight, I seriously doubt that you look like a cow. You are a cutie!!

05-31-13, 07:45 AM
We should start some forum weight loss group thing....

05-31-13, 07:54 AM
Fuzzy thanks. I haven't been officially exercising, guess I should be though.

@ Abi- good idea. How do we get it going?