View Full Version : Tips on getting to sleep at night?

06-01-13, 11:17 PM
So I've always had really bad sleeping problems, it takes me like over an hour or 2 to fall asleep.

Usually what happens is I'm rolling left right, left right, and I'm thinkin really bad, and usually I talk to people in my head not imaginary people, just people I know In my head,

For example, I'll be sitting there talking to my best friend inside my head. About anything. And my mind will make up what hell say next. It's like my brain makes made up scenarios in my head. And of course I keep thinking about it, then my mind will just randomly jump to music. UGH music. I loveeeee it, but it's playing in my head 24/7 and it feels like a never ending jukebox.

Anyway, I'll lay there and just when I reach that almost asleep part,
That part where you feel yourself asleep, but partially awake too,
Well, what happens with me is my conscience will FORCE me awake. Then, instead if feeling tired and all good feeling like I just was, I'll feel 100 percent awake again.

My medication does ok, but 36mg of concerta just doesn't seem to cut it. im a pretty sizeable guy, im about 6'1" and 210lb and my therpaist says theres 8years olds smaller than me taking higher doses than i am.

I take it at about 8:45 AM at school, then it lasts til bout, 1:30-2:00 that's only about 5 hours.
Of course it doesn't do 100percent of the work. Only about 50/50

Then when I get home I feel really tired then get a little bit on energy later mixed with tiredness.

Anyone got recommendations or what you think the doctor will do when I go to another checkup?

06-01-13, 11:38 PM

Exercise - not right before bed, but earlier in the day.

Starve yourself of light in the hours before bed - no TV, no computer, no phone, nothing. Light, even a little bit, keeps you awake.

If there's a TV in your bedroom, move it to a different room so that you are forced to get up and go to another room if you want to watch TV.

Never use your bed for anything except sleeping (and sex if that's part of your life). No homework on the bed, no reading in bed, no using your bed as a chair in the day time, just keep the bed for its own purpose and nothing else.

06-02-13, 05:18 AM
regarding weight and meds: They are not weight dependent but if you feel yours arent effective you should speak to your doctor.

06-02-13, 10:44 AM
The best thing you can do when you can't get to sleep is to get up and do the most boring thing you can possibly come up with.

The brain needs to be de-stimulated in order to unwind.

Lying there and trying to force yourself to sleep, simply won't work.