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06-05-13, 08:50 PM
Hi All,

After knowing I was "different" since the 3rd grade, and since I am now 60 years of age, and since research into Adult ADHD [and the fact that one does NOT "outgrow" it, but just develop "coping skills", IF you are lucky enough, which I was not] is a, relatively speaking, new development, I am now wondering if any of you out there have heard of, discussed - or have thought about - chronic physical conditions and the possibility that these may be attributable to ADHD [and, as in my case, co-morbid w/ OCPD]? It has now been approximately 5 years since my ADHD diagnosis. And, during these last 5 years, I have been diagnosed w/ moderate to severe Carpal and Cubital [elbow] Tunnel Syndrome in both arms and, most recently, with degenerative disc disease. The DDD has been diagnosed from x-rays and I am currently waiting on approval to get an MRI w/ contrast to "illuminate" the neuro stuff I have going on [numbness in both legs, etc, etc]. I cannot help but wonder if all my years of going 200mph, more or less 24/7/365, in 10 different directions simultaneously [sound familiar?] was a - if not THE - contributing factor in my recent musculus-skeletal meltdown. Any comments?:confused:

Blanched Dubois
06-05-13, 08:59 PM

you ask some good questions - i'm 55 and wear and tear on joints etc sounds normal - the adhd i have and son ( my dad had it ) and other co morbid's to be assessed are mainly affected by personal life experiences so it's hard to make my case at all 'the norm'

i think if you read a bunch of posts - search for specific topics you'll find some answers to your own specific set of presented symptoms - and get coping info and more

enjoy, and feel free to stop by if you're frustrated and pm me - i'm happy to connect with other 'newbs' to the site


06-05-13, 09:28 PM
Thank You, Blanched Dubois, for your reply, comments, and suggestions. Perhaps I should also have mentioned that, in 35 years of employment, my occupation[s] have always included strenuous and repetitive physical activities.

Thanks Again!

06-05-13, 10:18 PM
Those repetitive strenuous occupations are much more likely to have caused damage than the hyperactivity of ADHD, in my opinion.

06-06-13, 03:47 AM
First, thank you, dvdnvwls, for your response. My supposition is that - due to my undiagnosed and therefore "unchecked" ADHD, coupled with co-morbid OCPD, actually exacerbated and/or accelerated the onset and severity of these physical conditions. I would not suggest that they would not have occurred eventually anyway - I am merely surmising that, left "untreated",
ADHD [and, in my case, also OCPD] can and does create, worsen or accelerate other chronic physical conditions such as the ones I am now diagnosed with.

Thanks Again!!


Blanched Dubois
06-06-13, 10:33 AM
yes, it does Danoman, and like you i did many 'physically strenuous' gigs before settling into a career - it helped channel the energy I believe ADD'rs do have in their youth - i like Dr Edward Hallowell and his work on ADHD. Those of us 'older' who've worked for 40 yrs or so and are 'disabled' now with ADHD and more - I think this Dr has a great take on how to be utilize this set of traits that make up what is ADHD in it's myraid forms.

I like Delivered from Distraction and Married to Distraction - he wrote an article that was published in the Harvard Business Review- Why Smart People Under Perform - his latest book is Shine. I like the guy.