View Full Version : Will Prozac give me energy and motivation?

06-08-13, 05:40 PM
I only take 2.5mg at night cause any more then that puts me to sleep and makes me incredibly drowsy. It seems to mainly help with anxiety not so much with the lack of energy/depression though. I still prefer to stay home, surf the web, avoid anything mentally challenging, etc.

I'm trying to stay positive and give it 8 weeks but really...will it ever give me energy and desire to go out and do things? Or is that what dopamine does?

I also suffer from PTSD and the avoidance that comes with it but the Prozac is just making me indifferent...

06-08-13, 06:22 PM
Anti Depressants (when working properly) have a "leveling" effect on your mood.

If after a few weeks, you're still feeling drowsy on Prozac, then see your GP about switching to another one.