View Full Version : Can Zeldox reduce the efficacy of Dexedrine??

06-05-13, 06:20 AM
I didn't read the whole thread, but is this true?

I was treated for ADD when I was diagnosed (age 5) with ritalin, but my parents made me stop taking it when I was 10 when I started having migraines.

I started taking ritalin again when i was 19 and re-diagnosed as an adult, but i was also on antipsychotic injections at the time. The ritalin did nothing for me. I dont remember what dose I was on. My doc then switched me to dexedrine and I was able to concentrate better but the dexedrine only lasts 2.5 hours and i'm only allowed 45mg a day, which isn't enough because I get very sleepy +/- 3 hours after my last dose and i sleep like 14 hours. Its not worth it if I can only be awake to work for the corporations and government(taxes)for 8 hours and then have to sleep the rest of my life away.

Anyway I have never been on stims without being on antipsychotics. I am presently on zeldox and before that risperdal tablets and risperdal consta injections, and some other stuff before that.

Could the zeldox be reducing the efficiency of my dexedrine????