View Full Version : Looking for a new p-doc

06-09-13, 02:09 AM
I've been seeing my psychiatrist for about 3 months now. I was diagnosed with ADHD combined type along with major depression a little over half a year ago. I'm a 21 year old student.

My Rx is adderall 20mg ir 3x a day and wellbutrin 300xl. The wellbutrin was counterproductive in a way, sure it helped me with my focus but it gave me a horrible brain fog and didn't really help my depression. I felt like it even made more depressed.

Now, I talked to my p-doc about increasing my dosage for adderall and trying a new antidepressant or anything to help with the depression & fatigue. I build tolerance to stimulants rather quickly and 60mg a day just wasn't covering my day since I'm a student. I spend 12 hours a day at school and by the time I'm home I spend a few more hours to study/do homework. The adderall is only covering around 9 hours. He recommends that I switch to XR but I've already tried that. It would only last about 1.5x longer and at that low of a dose, it wouldn't even help relieve my symptoms. He says that 60mg is the highest he would go. It might be because I'm a student that he is hesitant to prescribe more than the "recommended" dosage.

Also, the wellbutrin gave me such a bad brain fog I stopped taking it (with my doctors instructions) he said I should taper down but I quit cold-turkey and was completely fine. He says that I should try it for a bit longer but I'm getting impatient (a strong symptom of my add). But as a student the brain fog will hurt my grades, and it already has. My poor grades is part of the reason I'm depressed so wellbutrin is practically adding to my depression.

Long story short: I don't think we are on the same page and he does not understand my situation. Therefore, I am trying to look for a new psychiatrist or neurologist that specialize in ADHD and depression around the Los Angeles (90031) or Riverside (92507) area. I hope someone can recommend me a doctor!

P.S. sorry for the scattered sentences. I'm rather brain dead due to finals this week.