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06-09-13, 04:01 AM
Slit Wrist Fatigue - Blood Moon is Pulling.
High Tide is Creeping - Ethereal Merging .
Embrace the Nether - The Gate Has Been Sealed.
Signed in Blood Was This Corpsebound Deal.
Scratching and Clawing - These Walls Don't Exist.
Woefully Falling Through Your Own Abyss.
Empty Vein Dreams.
Dead Moon Corrodes - Dead Man Follows.
Your Reaper Exposed.
Self Surgery - Self Betrayal.
Most Regrettable Death - Sorrowful End.
Your Form ****** Away - There's No Going Back.
How Indecisive Man Can Be.
You've Sealed Your Fate.
Now Behold the Dead Sea.

This isn't exactly poetry. It's lyrics for a song I wrote. I usually don't write so many rhyming words but whatever.

It's about someone who slits their wrist and starts to regret it while they are dying in their bathtub. It's about the journey through their own preconceptions of what happens when you die. They fall through the world of the dead. They try to escape, but they can't because the place they are in only exists in their head.

I've always been fascinated by near death experiences and the DMT release.