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06-10-13, 07:53 PM
As the title suggests, it's almost summer... I'm not sure if there's a specific reason for this thread since there don't seem to be too many threads in the "teen" section, but let's not worry about my awkward fears about talking to people online...

Today was my "last" day of school; not forever -- I'm almost halfway through high school though... This makes me sad though. I have some exams to take next week and it was only after the exams in June during last year that I realized (after doing terribly) that normal people can muster focus on important things and blah blah blah about how I got depressed afterwards and got diagnosed a few months later... BUT, I digress [since my medication is wearing off ;) ] ...

I guess the first point of this post is about how much I miss school. Everything had been torture for me since everything was easy, yet impossible to concentrate on, but since I had been put on medication, it's been fun... (so does this make me weird?... I don't know :D) ... Well, there's not really much to that point, but I felt like the year passed to quickly since I didn't have enough frustration this year... There was still a bit... Just not so much...

The second point is finding something cool to do over the summer. I have all these cool ideas and now that I'm not moody/depressed/etc and what happened last year and not in some summer camp, I'm able to work on stuff that I want to do :D ...

I suppose if anyone has some ideas, they might want to share them?
I want to catch up on some of the TV that I've never watched and be nerdy about some math stuff since I want to get some stuff out of the way before it comes up :D

06-10-13, 09:40 PM
That's awesome that you have ideas of stuff you want to do - you have plenty of time to do them, now :)

Personally, I'm working on college apps this summer, in addition to working on some creative writing stuff, because that's what I'm into. I'm thinking about entering some contests or something.

I also may get a proofreading job. A lot of my friends are doing internships and camps and stuff. But I'm in the summer-vacation-is-supposed-to-be-a-vacation school of thought.

Also I'm obsessively watching the new season of Arrested Development :yes:

06-11-13, 12:43 PM
I feel pretty strange since I want to vacation instead of working, but other people probably think that working is more preferable than reading about space, time, and dimensions... :D

Again, since I have all this planning time for myself now, it feels pretty awesome to have time that I can space out without other things coming out of nowhere