View Full Version : Happy Birthday Ocyan

06-14-13, 03:30 AM
Hope you have a "parfait" birthday!!!

Follow your heart, yet listen to your head..or do neither ;p

Take chances, explore, have a blast.

You're a very admirable person Ocyan. Treat yourself well today. :)

06-14-13, 03:42 AM
Happy Birthday Ocyan! Maybe fortune and happiness smile upon you.

06-14-13, 03:58 AM
Happy birthday !!!

06-14-13, 05:08 AM
Happy Birthday Mate!

06-14-13, 05:56 AM
Happy Birthday, have a good one!!

06-14-13, 09:29 PM
G'day and have a bonza birthday mate ;)

Blanched Dubois
06-14-13, 10:46 PM
wow great folks born in june!! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY Ocyan! enjoy!!!

06-14-13, 11:43 PM
Aww you people are too much ! What can I do in return ?

I'm flattered, wish I could do something in return...

I'm sending out positive thoughts to everyone, can you feel it ? :cool:

06-15-13, 05:42 AM
Happy birthday :)

06-15-13, 09:51 AM
Happy birthday!

06-15-13, 10:49 AM
am I late? I'm always late to these things... but anywho, happy birthday! :D

06-15-13, 12:49 PM
Happy birthday!

06-15-13, 12:50 PM
Do you need another cake, dear? Happy Birthday!

Blanched Dubois
06-15-13, 01:01 PM
lol!! {{{Ocyan}}} what will you do with all this love??? REVEL IN IT

you deserve it - everyone wants and needs it and it's ALL there IS besides your word in this world within worlds within worlds - so baby - soak up the LOVE and shine your LIGHT so it continues to obliterate the darkness!! You're a sparkling human and i wish you such great JOY and feelings of being HAPPY and PRESENT - breathe that in and know you are appreciated.

Say hey to the GP folks for me - I'm an ex employee/contractor with them from San Francisco - good work!!! Bless the waters - they're US ( how much water is in a human?)

Anyway, Dr Emoto may know lol!! Have a great new personal year!

06-17-13, 06:56 AM