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06-18-13, 11:03 AM
So I'm struggling hugely again with my appetite. Lamotrigine, my mood stabiliser, has just killed it. I just can't eat. On most days, I just have a bit of dinner and maybe an apple during the day. I'm not keen on fruits anymore either and I LOVE fruits. Right now, I'm living mainly off coffee and cigarettes.

I'm wondering if my lack of food intake is making my meds less effective. I've heard or read something a while ago about the plasma absorption of meds being reduced when you don't eat enough. Maybe that's why I've been feeling so low (apart from the tiredness that comes with not eating enough). All the coffee and smoking is not helping either. (I've also read that smoking reduce the effectiveness of anti depressants..)

This is a vicious cycle and happened to me with anti depressants as well. Sertraline in particular, hugely reduced my appetite (and triggered my eating disorder). It became less and less effective so my GP kept increasing my dose but with every increase in dose, my appetite (or lack of it) got worse. Exactly the same thing is happening with lamotrigine now.

So, meds -> loss of appetite -> loss of appetite reducing med's effectiveness -> higher dose of meds -> more loss of appetite -> meds less effective -> higher med dose -> etc. etc. ?????

06-19-13, 06:09 AM
Can you have those meal replacement drinks or soups?

06-19-13, 07:16 AM
Right now, I'm struggling with anything. I have an eating disorder and usually when I am in my starving phase I at least allowed myself to eat fruits. Right now, I don't even fancy fruits. When I had the same problem last year, I finally forced myself to have at least cup soup (low calories ones :doh:) with a smoke. Now I just have coffee with a cigarette but I force myself to put in lots and lots of milk at least, even if coffee isn't that healthy either, especially not on an empty stomach. I need to start having breakfast again, at least. I don't want to be in the same place that I was last year, where my hair started falling out like crazy and my periods pretty much stopped.

But the real problem is that a part of me is happy about not wanting to eat, the accompanying weight loss and not having to struggle with the continuous desire of eating and supressing that desire. I know, it's not good for me but I'm not able to force myself to eat. It feels good even though I know that in general it makes me more tired, reduces my ability to focus and concentrate and probably makes my mood swings worse too. Still, knowing all that doesn't seem to make any difference.

I'm terrified of putting on weight again. I know that it doesn't make sense and I was hoping that if I did some exercise then I could allow myself to eat again (na dit might make me a bit hungry again) but that doesn't seem to work either. I just seem to be unable to eat normally. I'm always swinging between extremes.

Is it true though that lack of nutrition reduces the effectiveness of medication?

06-19-13, 07:25 AM
Is it true though that lack of nutrition reduces the effectiveness of medication?

It's more about that if you don't have nutrition your body can't function properly so that will make meds seem less effective.

I don't know what to suggest coz I tend to be hungry all the time unless the IBS is really giving me grief.

Although if you don't even feel like eating I'm not sure what to suggest.