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06-18-13, 10:41 PM
I'm 44 on a bridging visa, waiting for my permanent residency, I've been coping with ADD symptoms all my life without even knowing it, so this condition has been sitting latent, undiagnosed and untreated, even if I've never un understood how in the periods of stress and grief my life used to fall so out of control.

It happened that I ended up into an abusive relationship in Central Coast, which caused the scariest panic attacks of my life, and had me admitted to PECC psychiatric emergency department twice, finally my partner dumped me and I applied for Family Violence Provisions, but since then my ADD has got at its nastiest and unmanageable level.

In one year I lost most of my friends because of my character, risked my own life or injured myself with uncontrollable actions like crossing the road with the red lights or falling on the stairs, one day stopped just in time before drinking a glass of pure bleach, i have no detergents in my place since then, rescued my phone from the rubbish bin because it rang, lost my bike because one day I walked home leaving it chained beside the supermarket, stumble in everything and then wounds get infected and stay untreated... and several other episodes that tell me that tis is NOT only stress.

Now comes the worst part: I can't really have a job in those conditions, but I'm not entitled to Centrelink benefits yet, the money my uncle is sending me from abroad cover the expenses 3 weeks each month, then it's really hard to survive, since I was dumped by my partner I live alone in a boarding house in Woolloomoolo, ten minutes walk from St Vincent hospital, but still can't manage to get a proper assessment and a treatment, my former psychiatrist retired a few months ago leaving me totally abandoned to myself, every single day it's a struggle.


I ned some help, guidance and support to start a process to get assessed for ADD and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, even calling a medical centre becomes hard, not to mention I have no credit on my phone, I've tried to seek help from several organisations but I was rejected, the only one that supported me, Catholic Care, is not helping anymore, since my case manager said she could not follow my case anymore.

I would like to try contact Salvation Army but i can't find a useful email address, and everything is communication and organisation right now represent a real drag and sometimes a full obstacle to the process...

I'm exhausted, shattered, overwhelmed, lonely, desperate... please give me something and someone to hold on to, I really need this situation to get sorted as soon as possible.

thank you

06-18-13, 11:20 PM
When I was in a bad depression and faced removal from my job, I used to go to bed with a note someone wrote about me. I think it was a compliment.

I wish I could offer more to you other than this post. Many of your feelings are akin to my experiences.