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06-26-13, 01:01 PM
I am desperately seeking help (therapist/social worker/life coach/other) in Rochester, NY for primarily inattentive ADD. My primary issue is how the ADD manifests itself in poor work performance, which in turn leads to depression, anxiety, etc.

Does anyone have recommendations on specific providers, or on how to find a provider? Thanks.

06-26-13, 05:31 PM
You are one step ahead of the game dealing with it now -- kudos to you.

Some of the ill effects might include:

Missing deadlines
Forgetting assignments or tasks.
Forgetting to unlock / release documents in a content management system.
Lateness or outright missing meetings
Messy desk
Inattention at meetings leaving you unresponsive to discussion.
Repeatedly leaving your office / cubicle / work area
Not filling out employment forms, expense reports, timesheets, yearly benefits renewal. This will find you on the short list of problem employees at several levels of management.
Epic workplace fails.

I once inserted a circuit board in backwards -- this was a prototype board that was not keyed to prevent improper insertion -- fortunately, the board had protection and worked properly.
Breaking the software build. This is a cardinal sin that will surely bring the wrath of senior management -- especially near the release date. I've been told of one firm where offenders were called into the VP of Engineering's office and find themselves berated and informed of the estimated cost of the idled QA resources (several thousand $$ or more).