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06-27-13, 12:12 PM
Iīm so proud of my 14 year old son. Last October he started on Concerta. He was struggling badly at school and failed 5 subjects. Retook them after summer and failed 5 again. Here in Spain if you fail more than 2 you have to resit the whole year. Because he had already retaking the whole year he had to move up to the next course.

He was offered a place in a special program at school which was for kids that want to work but have difficulties for whatever reason. Itīs a modified program, all the same subjects but pared down to basic with simpler instructions and smaller classes, more help etc.

Part of him wanted to do this (he is usually anything for an easy life) but he didnīt want to be different, he wanted to be with his friends so he chose to stay and take his chances.

There seems to be no help at the school, either a modified program or no help, no adaptions, they are at the discretion of the teacher and only one of his teachers helped him.

Concerta made a huge difference but he also worked very hard. He not only passed the 5 failed subjects from last year but passed every subject this year apart from language (he is dyslexic or something). But he has scraped through with no room to spare.

So next year is considered generally a hard year. Again he was offered a place in the special programe. His sister did took up this place in her final year because she had 8 subjects from last year and a further 12 to pass and although she was doing great once she started concerta, she was running out of time to pass them all. She has been happy in this class, the teachers are fine and the class is a bunch of misfits that ended up being a tight knit bunch.

He is adamant he will not go into the program even though the end qualification will be the same and employers wonīt know about it. He would rather work twice as hard and risk failing.

I am so proud of him but wonder why he is taking the uphill route. He says he knows the group that will be in his class and they donīt want to learn and are badly behaved.

School is tough here and many kids fail anything from 1 to 6 subjects and have to retake them and I love seeing the look on peopleīs faces when they ask how he has done this year. It is pure shock but they are so pleased for him and he is enjoying a bit of glory for once.

Those of you studying, what would you do?

07-03-13, 10:21 PM
congrats to him. I say if he feels that he can make it through the regular class work and understands that he needs to work twice as hard to succeed them I say GOOD FOR HIM

07-09-13, 07:29 AM
its really great.. its really great achievement of your son.. its not easy to pass all 5 subject from which you had failed twice.. Good luck for him