View Full Version : How to Sort a Mixed Up Stack of Documents

06-27-13, 06:11 PM
In my previous post on sorting a stack of the same sort of documents (e.g. a bunch of bills, time cards, etc.), it was asked what to do if you have a stack of different documents of god knows what type.

In these cases you have to separate the stack into particular types of documents using an "in box / out box" system. See the diagram below. Sort the stack on one single document type at a time. The reason you do this is sorting on a single thing is much faster than trying to figure out what you are looking at each time and putting it in the right pile. So, you sort on let's say, "invoice" first. Anything that looks like an invoice put in one of the outbox trays. Everything else goes in another outbox tray. Now you have all the invoices. Repeat until you have a stack for every kind of document.