View Full Version : Need advice for exams

06-29-13, 01:19 PM
Hello this is my first post, and i will try to be quick.
I am 20 and trying to finish high-school. I think i have ADHD, because i always had the symptoms since child. A psyquiatrist prescribed me methylfenidate last year, i think it really really helped me pass the year but i dont want that sadness/anxiety anymore. I smoke hash everyday a lot of times but without it i get anxious and very depressed.
When i try to study... I smoke very little, just enough to sit down and feel ok. I always drink black tea or a energy drink, with chamomile tea or sedoxil (mexazolam), you can imagine why... when i try to study, is always hot or cold... my stomach hurts, i am always hungry for something... that kind of things. if i read a paragraph from the beguinning to the end... i was not paying attention. All i can think of is "this is ******** i dont want to read this" altough i got to study and stay home for 5 hours... A lot of times i cant study because 1 i get anxious and have to break something or 2 i start to think so much in my 'study life' that i just have to cry a little.

During exams... I dont know, i think it really depends on how 'my head' is. sometimes i am happy and can do answer a lot of questions, other times i just cant read the questions from the begguing to the end.
Any "during the exam" tips and tricks? I can never make it to the last question, i just want to go outside and no matter what i do i just cant think about it and write it down.