View Full Version : Swift to Do List - Very Promising

07-03-13, 02:30 PM
Hey all, I found out about Swift to Do List (SDL) from another thread in this section and I wanted to share how I am using it. Thanks again whoever it was for posting that resource!!!

My task management system is similar to GTD. In SDL I have two lists, one for my action items and a wish list. All of the actions I need to perform go on the action que. Everything that I would like to do that classifies as "I'll do it if and when I get around to it" goes on the wish list. That way it doesn't get forgotten but my action item list remains useful and uncluttered. When I am ready to do an action I move it to my clip board. I only write down one thing at a time. When I get new actions or wish list items I put them in the notes section of my clip board, and then transfer them to SDL. More on this in a later post on "how to manage tasks".

Here is a screen shot of my SDL. I just started so not much is in there: