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07-04-13, 02:10 AM
Ugh ugh ugh ugh.

I am a nurse. I started filling people's dosettes when I worked as a home care aide in nursing school. I filled my Grandfather's as he was dying of liver disease. I filled them as a nurse, for patients, and families , including my dad when he was on a complex medication regimen after open heart surgery.

A few months ago I decided I had to get serious about taking my iron pills along with my anti depressant, and also wanted to start taking other vitamins.

I used a colour coded bead container thing, that I could take apart and reassemble. I could put my big morning vitamin in it, as well as my night iron and SSRI. Then came my sleeping pill. Then I decided I had better start taking my vitamin d. Then garlic capsules, now Omega 3 and ... well they haven't fit for a while so I have been doing a morning container a night one a morning, a night etc etc. Problem is, this gives me about 3 1/2 days of poured pills. Now with the Dexedrine several times a day and all I can't keep up. I am going to have to buy a big old geriatric contraption. All the funky things I have thought of are not going to work. I even tried ice cube trays, but the only ones I have with lids are very much needed in my freeezer. No lid defeats the purpose.

I am extremely annoyed about it, but I know that if I don't I will forget something. Making a list and taking the right ones every morning will not work, the only thing that works is making sure my day is empty.

Does anyone else have any ideas for a dosette that doesn't suck, or make me feel like a member of the geriatric set. With the Omega 3's which are huge I can't use tiny pillboxes anymore...

07-07-13, 11:21 PM
I use the Ezy dose 7 day XL locking containers, since L no longer fits all pills. Special ordered from amazon because its hard to find the Adult lock feature. I wish I had gotten the 2XL and they even come in 3 xl. Some come in colors other than clearish white so you might be able to find fun colors.

A couple years ago I got my dad the pillboxes sold on amazon as "7 Day 4 Compartment Pill Organizer DEEP One Inch" although I got it somewhere else on a website for diabetic supplies. That is multi-colored, one four compartment box per day

Also try looking for "vitamin container"

07-07-13, 11:26 PM
you mean pill boxes? i have one of those that's a week one w/ 4 doses per day... i've turned it into a 2 week box (scratched out the times of day and just wrote "am" and "pm")... makes it SO much easier to keep track of stuff when i only have to fiddle with it once every two weeks.

07-07-13, 11:30 PM
The same company that does the four per day also makes the same size per day only split into 2 compartments per day. That's way bigger than an ice cube.

07-07-13, 11:32 PM
I'm so bad about pills that I have enough boxes for two months and usually do 4-6 weeks at a time.

07-08-13, 11:22 AM
I just can't believe I am looking at a big old person's pill box. I bought one this weekend but have to return it, it isn't constructed well. But my omega oils pills are HUGE. Doesn't anyone here feel really OLD having one? I am 43.

07-08-13, 01:55 PM
I had no idea what dosette was until I read this post!

Anyway I can only seem to take 2 pills per day properly. I need to take 2 different thyroid meds daily plus 1 concerta and a pill for my joints and one for yeast and magnesium.

Itīs not that I forget to take all of them itīs that once Iīve swallowed 2 I canīt be bothered with the rest. I tell myself I will take them later but for some reason I just canīt bring myself to take them all. So itīs one or the other most days.