View Full Version : Where the **** is hypomania??

07-08-13, 06:54 AM
I'm supposed to be BP II, but my main problem is depression. Hypomania rarely occurs and is a short lived period of relief from the constant depression.

After starting lamotrigine, I don't even have that anymore. It doesn't help much with the depression but it's definitely got rid of the highs. Sometimes, when I'm feeling slightly better, I so hope that it lasts and may turn into something better than just feeling ok, but it never does anymore.

I know I shouldn't wish for hypomania or wait for it. I need to learn to appreciate the moments when I'm less depressed, more close to normal, but it feels like a poor relative to hypomania. I used to live for my moments of euphoria. They were the only time when I felt really alive. I don't want to be just blah...

07-08-13, 10:33 AM
I could be wrong, don't quote me on it but I always thought BPII had bouts of mania, medicated or not. I assumed the meds were to either lessen the episodes of mania ( to prevent from getting too euphoric) or reduce the length.

07-08-13, 09:41 PM
No, Raye, BPII is primarily characterized by NOT having full-blown mania, only hypomania.

So, Fuzzy, you're describing a conundrum that I had. It's what prompted my psychiatrist to say (way back when I first began treating with him), "We don't want to even you out too much, because this is working for you."

I've tried Lamotrigine, but hated the weight-gain side effects.

But here is a CRITICAL caveat. Left to my own devices, I won't dip into depression. I might get irritable, and I'll feel anxiety. But I'm AOK with avoiding depression without medication. I get the highs without the deep lows, in other words.

So the deal is, how bad are these lows? Can you talk yourself through them? Can you maintain habits that avoid them? Will your spouse "get" that that's what's happening and do what my hubster did, at one point, which was to physically pick my *** up out of bed and put me in the shower?

Will a shower and a 1 mile walk do it?

If a shower and a 1 mile walk will do it, can you train someone (maybe the hubster; maybe a good girlfriend) to impose that on you when you can't bring yourself to do it?

If so, then skip the meds.

But that is not a license to be a nut job. If you're going to skip the meds, then a lot of other things become CRITICAL, as in, doing them is your obligation to your community. As in, you don't drive drunk, right? You also don't go without sleep. You don't eat ****. You don't go without exercise. These are things you owe your family, employer, friends. If you can't keep those up without the meds, then back on the meds you go.

Make sense?