View Full Version : Stereotyping - How It Can Help You

07-09-13, 11:59 PM
Hey everyone. I have been employing a technique I call "stereotyping" to help me compensate for my memory and attentional problems. The idea is you always do something the same way no matter what, even though it may make it harder much of the time. This way you can never forget to do the right thing because it becomes a habit and is controlled by automatic functions in your brain. In fact, if you manage to ***** it up you will suddenly remember that you forgot something rather than go along unaware like you usually do.

So for example, I always take my keys to my boss' office along with certain other items even if I know it's unlocked. And I always lock his office even if I know I am coming right back. I always plug my phone in when I am home, and I always take my keys with me when I leave the house, even to cross the street. All of these things are annoying but easy to do after a while so that I don't even notice them. It becomes like muscle memory and I barely have to think about it to do them. You get very fast at doing the same actions over and over and the forgetting and focusing problem is solved! Obviously you can't use stereotyping in most situations but for many circumstances it is a great way to effectively compensate for your ADD/ADHD.