View Full Version : "Shortage" Drags On & Cost Skyrockets

07-10-13, 04:02 PM
After reading these threads, I am now considering myself fortunate for being able to fill my prescription at all today. My prescription for 90 - 20mg tablets used to cost in the neighborhood of $45 and now it looks like it's $110. FYI - I live about 60 miles NE of Pittsburgh, PA.

As many other folks, I have no insurance and pay for medical costs out-of-pocket. So, I've been reading with interest how others with the same dilemma are dealing with it. It's exasperating because not that long ago I was on Dextrostat and it quadrupled in price so that's why I'm on Ritalin in the first place. I was told it was the cheapest ADD medication.

Recently I was prescribed Wellbutrin for depression and supposedly it has properties to help with ADD symptoms. I may just end up relying on this new medication if there's improvement overall --- that's a wait and see.

I didn't realize the big chains are more expensive. I get my prescription filled at WalMart just assuming it would be the cheapest. Now I'm going to check around town and especially the hospital pharmacy which sounds like a great suggestion!

Also, I have read here that there are discount cards for prescriptions. I didn't know about that so I'll be Googling and hopefully the state of PA has one.

Just needed to process what's been going on and thanks for being here ---- learned a lot from my fellow ADDers :)


07-12-13, 07:03 PM
Same here in Phoenix, Carol. Price doubled this month. Neighborhood pharmacist told me since his price had doubled, he had to pass it on to us. He thought that the generic manufacturers (Watson in my case) figured that people will buy whatever's cheaper vs the brand, regardless if there's a $10 difference or $50.

08-16-13, 07:40 PM
Is this about Methylin ER?