View Full Version : Help living with non-ADHDers

07-11-13, 11:07 PM
I'm in college and still live with my parents. I was recently diagnosed, and this explains a whole lot, including how ridiculously forgetful I am at household chores. My parents get, quite understandable, very frustrated and have punished me in numerous ways over the years, none of which have been effective. While I've been able to create semi-effective coping mechanisms over the years for most other areas of my life, rendering them functional enough for me but not perfect, household chores tend to escape me more often than my parents find acceptable. While I make up for it right away whenever they've told me I forgotten, they still get pretty angry and I know I should be doing better.

I recognize that I need to be accountable despite my ADHD. My parents have not been the easiest to work with, even after diagnosis, which is frustrating but again, I can understand where they come from.

What I'm looking for is ideas of personal methods to remember assigned household tasks. I am forgetful in 1) Remembering random assigned tasks. 2) Remembering weekly duties. 3) When I do remember to do a chore, sometimes I space out and leave it uncompleted, though I've improved at that.

It's easier for me to remember habitual tasks (i.e., clean the kitchen after making food, check the doors are locked before I go to bed), though I still neglect them once in awhile.