View Full Version : Anyone else have screwed up sleeping hours?

07-12-13, 05:24 PM
I'm currently in school and on Fridays I don't have class. I study supposedly on the day. Well lately I've been doing assignments at the last minute and I slept 4:30am to 10:30am and then 11:30am to 4pm so a total of 10.5 hours! On regular days I just wake up and shower and have coffee with a lack of sleep. My sleep schedule is screwed up! and YES I'm taking my schizo and bipolar meds... Gah! I haven't even showered and done my morning routine yet! Why do I have delayed hygiene and SO MANY PROBLEMS? GAH!

07-23-13, 02:40 AM
I can relate to the BP & ADD sleeping hours being all screwed up. When I was taking Benadryl to force myself to keep a schedule. I noticed that I felt like I was being pulled in 2 ways, too fast.

Taking meds to shut off the brain, and then immediately firing it up with Vyvanse in the morning. I didn't like how I felt and it made me depressed and upset.

So I stopped taking the Benadryl for over a month now... I barely sleep these days. Maybe 3-4 hours / night for 5-6 days and then one "night" will be 10-12 hours as a "catch up" as I call it.

But I don't like sleeping when i'm "hypomanic" or "manic". I would much rather pound coffee and do things online.

You're not alone and i'm sure there are lots more of us out there who have these issues.