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07-16-13, 11:23 PM
Through ADHD I have arrived at a categorical system to place co disorders: Disorders of The Animal Sphere and Disorders of the Human Sphere.

Disorders of the Animal Sphere are those in the physical body.

I've always had a constant scowl. My facial muscles fall forward to produce this expression. My friend describes it as Chronic ***** Face. I've learned to have a sense of humor about this along with my vanity.

Vanity has led to many fruitless hours in the gym. I could never get the form right for strength training so I always experienced diminishing returns. I'm on my way to having the body of an underwear model. This is because I can isolate muscle groups and my flexibility has vastly improved.

Paroxetine side-effects include the possibility of tremors. I attributed the tremor in my hands to this medication. Paroxetine in conjunction with Adderall produces a highly controversial interaction. The brain is flooded with Dopamine and the re-uptake is blocked.

Pandora has many boxes. One of them is Biochemistry. This is how I was introduced to Dopamine Theory which led to my first encounter with literature on Parkinson's Disease.

I did not realize that this condition has a characteristic scowl due to loss of facial muscle control. I smile a lot now because it's easier than it use to be. My facial muscles have been pulled back and tightened.

Body wide my muscles used to be so rigid and inflexible. Muscle rigidity is also noted with this disease as is the tremor.

I'm by no means self-diagnosing, but these early symptoms of Parkinson's have disappeared after being medicated. After Dopamine levels have increased. Something to ponder.