View Full Version : The Myelinated Man

07-20-13, 03:49 AM
On July 25th it will be 7 months since my last drink. Rumplemintz is no longer my mouthwash.

With utter certainty I can say that I will never have another sip.

AA has helped many people. I do not question its effectiveness, but it's not for everybody. It was definitely not for me.

I accept full accountability for my past behavior, but if I was not drunk 75% of the time I wouldn't have done most of the things I did.

One morning in March I woke up with "maturity." I could actually understand the implications of my actions.

I told my Pdoc. She congratulated me on completing Myelination.

From what I'm piecing together I stunted my own neurological development. I would be lying if I said this wasn't disconcerting.

Oh well. Forward I must move.

07-24-13, 04:28 AM
this is a good thing. Giving up alcohol was so hard for me, but Im glad I did.